Any implant has its own expiration date and needs to be properly maintained, regardless of its location in the body. Often, breastfeeding owners do not even realize that their expiration date may expire. Plastic surgeon Amjad Al-Yousef told aif.ru about this.

Despite the fact that manufacturers have argued for many years that implants do not need prophylaxis, the plastic surgeon noted that the recommendations have changed. According to Amjad Al-Yousef, you should not wait until the implant “goes bad”: the replacement should be done every ten years.

That is, any implant, despite the fact that it is preserved, has not leaked anywhere, the capsule is good, you still need to change‘, the expert explained.

The surgeon recommends an ultrasound diagnosis by a mammologist to track changes in the implant. It is noteworthy that a woman herself can detect problems by touch. For example, if a foreign body has changed its contour, you should immediately contact a specialist.

In conclusion, Al-Yousef noted that only a plastic surgeon can take the necessary measures, and ignoring his recommendations can lead to irreversible consequences.

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