These skills are quite simple, but they are the key to success.

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A true leader must be able to look ahead and at least approximately predict the result of his actions, the result of the work of the team, as well as the performance of competitors. Forecast is the ability to look at certain events not through the lens of reality, but in the light of future opportunities.

team building

In order for your team to give a good result, you need to constantly not only work together all the time, but also periodically relax together. Team building helps to unite the team, resolve conflicts, meet newcomers, and increase overall performance.

All employees should sometimes rest together / Photo by Montanyaevents


You must help your team. In particular, it is about inspiration. It is the leader who leads the team to the goal. Sometimes this path can be difficult and exhausting, but you can inspire everyone, support and motivate.

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If you want to test your performance and also make sure you are moving in the right direction, you need to get feedback. This applies to colleagues, partners or even competitors. This is one of the best ways to realistically evaluate the progress in the implementation of the planned.

Find out the objective opinion of colleagues regarding your work / Photo Nus.org