Ideas 24 have prepared tips for you on how to properly care for your clothes so that they last as long as possible.

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Shoeshine Toothbrush

If the shoes are already dirty, then you can take an old toothbrush and soak it in ordinary vinegar. So you can quickly and effortlessly clean it.

Vaseline saves patent leather shoes

Often dark stripes and scratches appear on patent leather shoes. You can get rid of them with a small amount of Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to a cotton swab and wipe all problem areas.

It turns out that everything is quite easy / Photo pixabay

Nail polish against buttons and arrows on tights

Ordinary nail polish allows you to fix the “arrow” and prevent the pantyhose from completely tearing. You can also fix buttons on clothes with varnish. You just need to put it in place with threads. Tip: it is better to take a transparent varnish.

Bra patch

All women know what it is when a “bone” comes out from underwear. It is not necessary to immediately throw away such underwear, because you can seal this place with a band-aid. The effect is unlikely to be long-lasting, but it will allow you to try on your favorite bra again.

A great way in an emergency / Photo pixabay

Store your bras the right way

It is better to insert bras into each other so that the cups do not deform and the underwear does not take up much space.

Soap for fasteners

If the lightning began to jam, then you should not immediately go to change it. In such cases, ordinary soap comes to the rescue. Just run it over the clasp, but don’t get annoyed.

Easy life hack with soap will save your money / Photo by pixabay

Dry your sportswear

After a morning run, clothes should be dried. After all, sweat promotes the growth of various bacteria and can even lead to the appearance of mold on clothes.