Taylor collects material for her work at auctions and real estate sales. The master chooses what causes an emotional response in him, for example, nostalgia for childhood.

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Following Japanese art

A master of porcelain and metal, he worked with ceramics for most of his life, but found that it limited him. He once read about the Japanese art form of kintsugi, the process of repairing broken pottery without hiding the flaws and celebrating the repair.

Suddenly I felt that the emotional-expressive range is endless,
Taylor says.

Therefore, he began to break dishes and, supplementing them with barbed wire, old spoons, knives and even metal plates, the artist makes unique figures that capture the imagination.

Taylor strikes the perfect balance between delicate and exquisite pieces of pottery and rugged pieces that are essential to the modern world. This strange mixture gives some of his works a post-apocalyptic feel, but at the same time does not deprive them of their charm.

porcelain therapy

Taylor says it’s a kind of therapy for him to release a lot of emotions and heal. And broken dishes become a symbol of imperfection, which is life itself.

I’ve reached the age where I’ve begun to sort through the emotional baggage of my life, and the elements of my work have become apparent,
– sums up the artist.