Every year Ukrainian cinema demonstrates More and more quality content. What amazed viewers on the OLL.TV online platform in 2021 – Ideas 24 are shared.

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  1. Zakhar Berkut

The ingenious film “Zakhar Berkut” was a joint work of Ukrainian Akhtem Seitabaev and American director John Wynn. The tape was filmed based on the historical story of the same name by Ivan Franko, so it attracted the attention of moviegoers long before the release.

“Zakhar Berkut takes viewers to 1241, when the Mongol horde led by Khan Burunda went west, destroying everything in its path. In the Carpathians, enemy troops stopped at the foot of the mountains, where they arranged a place to keep prisoners. At night, two local hunters – the Berkut brothers – secretly made their way to the Mongolian camp and freed the captives.

Such audacity angered the khan and he decided to take revenge and destroy the Carpathian settlements. However, Burunda did not take into account that Zakhar Berkut would lead a small army, who knows wellhow to stop the enemy.

“Zakhar Berkut”: watch the trailer

  1. Cherkasy

The Ukrainian feature film “Cherkassy” tells about the defense of the sea minesweeper of the same name, blocked by Russian troops in March 2014 during the annexation of Crimea.

The main characters are Misha and Leo, guys from a village in the Chernihiv region. Various circumstances lead them to serve on the Cherkasy ship. They learn about the annexation of Crimea when armed Russians surround the ship. And although the sailors cannot fight back, the crew still decides not to give up and protect the ship.

The film “Cherkassy” keeps the audience in suspense until the last moment, because it is difficult to predict how the tape will end.

“Cherkasy”: movie trailer

  1. special atmosphere

The documentary film “Special Atmosphere” opens the inner workings of the national football team of Ukraine. In the picture you can see how the team was preparing for EURO 2020, which was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic.

For the first time in the history of the national team, journalists were allowed so close to the players and coaches of the country’s main team. Thanks to this, the film crew of the project was able to immerse the viewer as deeply as possible inside the team and give the opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the training process and the mood of the team.
commented co-producer Taras Gerega on the release of the film.

Andriy Shevchenko during his tenure as national team coach managed to do what was beyond the power of others. What is this “atmosphere”, what is its peculiarity? Watch on OLL.TV.

A film about the Ukrainian national team / Photo by the Ukrainian Football Association

  1. Cyborgs. Heroes don’t die

Iconic and most talked about Ukrainian filmwhich takes viewers back to 2014. Our military has been holding the building of the Donetsk airport for four months now. People from different social strata have gathered here, who speak different languages, but have a common goal – to protect their country and the peaceful life of their loved ones at any cost.

This tape by Akhtem Seitabayev is based on real events. Its heroes are composite images of real participants in the battles for the DAP. For their dedication and inflexibility, they were nicknamed “cyborgs”.

There are really a lot of philosophical conversations in the tape: about “why to love Ukraine”, about motivation in the war and patience.

– Why are you here? – Commander August asks each of his fighters.
Because I can’t stand injustice.
“Because my classmate was killed.
Because I love Ukraine.
– Why do you love her? Do you love our roads? (Laugh)
– Cherry orchard and all … I love nature.

“Cyborgs”: watch the trailer

  1. My thoughts are silent

Events in comedy revolves around a young freelance sound engineer Vadim, who is going through hard times: there is no particular success in his work, there is a loan that needs to be repaid.

At this difficult moment, he receives an order that can radically change the guy’s life. Human named James Tkachuk asks Vadim to record animal sounds for a video game in Transcarpathia. For the completed task, the hero is waiting for a thousand dollars and, possibly, a job in Canada, which he has long dreamed of.

However, on the way to his dream, Vadim will face many problems, one of which is an unexpected meeting. Will he be able to fulfill the order with everything? Just like our lives, everything that happens in the film can be summed up in three words: laughter through tears.

Comedy “My Thoughts Are Quiet”: watch the trailer

  1. Donbass

Dramatic work by Ukrainian director Sergei Loznitsa about military operations in the Donbass, which stirred up the whole world. The international premiere of the film took place at the 71st Cannes Film Festival, where the tape received the award for best director.

Tragicomedy shows the stories of people forced to adapt to life under occupation. Friendship, work and family ties built over decades are being destroyed under the pressure of the new reality. The film conveys an atmosphere where life and death walk side by side, and one step from drama to comedy. Will people retain their dignity and common sense? Watch on OLL.TV.

Film “Donbass”: video

  1. wild field

The film “Wild Field” is a brilliant reflection of the everyday life of the pre-war Donbass. The basis for the picture was the novel by Sergei Zhadan “Voroshilovgrad”.

The events of the film unfold around Herman, which is forced to return to his hometown due to the disappearance of his brother. His family left a small business unattended – an old gas station that local “dealers” want to take away. There are a lot of obscenities and jokes from which they laugh not loudly, but often – we suggest watching the adventure action “Wild Field” on OLL.TV

“Wild Field”: trailer

  1. Gallery

The first Ukrainian-language thrillerwhich admire already 15 years. The picture takes viewers to ancient times, when paganism was eradicated and Christians sought to destroy all the altars of Perun. Then many priests managed to hide the statues of the god and the bloody rites continued.

Today, five students of the Faculty of History are sent to archaeological practice. The heroes accidentally come across an adit, in which, probably, the idol of Perun is hidden. Unexpectedly, under unclear circumstances, their head professor disappears. The students decide to go down to the adit, hoping to find the professor. What will they meet during the search and what will be their path?

Trailer of the film “The Adit”: watch the video

  1. Legend of the Carpathians

The picture tells about the leader of the liberation movement of the opryshki, Oleks Dovbush. The events of the film take place in the Carpathians in the 18th century.

The inhabitants of the Ukrainian mountains are constantly under pressure from the Polish gentlemen. Faced with punishment for any disobedience, people live in fear. And the only one who is ready to go against such arbitrariness is Aleksey Dovbush. But will one guy manage to stop the willfulness of the masters? Watch on OLL.TV

“Legend of the Carpathians”: trailer

  1. devoted

The basis of the plot of the historical melodrama “The Betrayed” was the best-selling novel by Sofia Andrukhovych “Felix Austria”.

The story begins in Stanislavov (now Ivano-Frankivsk) in the second half of the 19th century. Dr. Anger loses his wife in a fire, but saves his own daughter Adele and the daughter of domestic workers Stephanie. In a moment of desperation, the doctor decides to raise them together.

25 years pass. The girls grow up inseparable, but still do not understand who they are to each other: sisters and friends – a servant and mistress. In a kaleidoscope of love and jealousy, double meanings and secrets, the border between reality and fiction finally disappears. What will happen when the illusion begins to dissipate, and reality emerges instead?

Historical melodrama “The Betrayed”: video