In pursuit of a beautiful figure, people can often go to extremes. Nutritionist Anna Makarova told aif.ru about the dangers of radical measures, and what mistakes many people make in trying to lose weight.

One of the main mistakes of losing weight is the search for quick and easy ways to lose weight. Starvation and mono-diets are stupid ideas, the expert believes. Such methods can lead to the opposite result. It will be much more effective to arrange a small calorie deficit that will not introduce the body into a state of stress.

At first, you can notice some effect, but then everything will return, and even in a larger volume. The sooner you stop looking for quick solutions, the less time (and maybe money) you will spend on these nonsense.“, – emphasizes the expert.

It is also impossible to set impossible goals when losing weight. For psychological reasons, it is difficult to drop large volumes abruptly. Achieving a loss of 5-10 kilograms is much more realistic than aiming for 30. It is also important to focus on the process, not on the result.

Being frustrated when you can’t stick to your diet is also a bad idea. Your diet will never be perfect, and if you allowed yourself more today, then just go back to the old route tomorrow.