Idea 24 will tell you how to recognize a toxic boss, how to save yourself from his actions and how to make your work bring you not only money, but also pleasure.

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If you have thoughts that your boss is toxic, we advise you to first make sure of this.

How to Recognize a Toxic Executive

1. He doesn’t respect his employees

As a rule, such a leader not only does not respect his employees, but also violates their personal and temporal boundaries. He can give tasks of a personal nature, call after hours, force him to do overtime without additional pay.

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2. Hears only himself

Such a leader is self-centered. He does not perceive criticism and does not need feedback at all. Basically, such a boss will not listen to subordinates, as he believes that he knows best (even if he does not).

3. Makes you feel guilty about having kids.

Such a leader perceives employees as a “resource”. That is why women in the eyes of such leaders will always be in second place, because, unlike men, “women can go on maternity leave”, “their child gets sick”, “the child needs to be taken to kindergarten”, etc.

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4. The leader is not quite competent

This happens when the head of the business has inherited or through connections. The manager’s incompetence may provoke him to force subordinates to “generate ideas” to promote the business or improve certain processes. Due to the lack of their own knowledge, such a boss wants to “leave” with the help of other employees. He does not always distribute duties correctly and can often emphasize that “we are a team.” As a rule, this happens not because he considers everyone equal, but because he is not ready to take responsibility for his actions.

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5. Devaluation of the merits of employees

For a toxic leader, any of your results will not be enough. He will always emphasize what could be better, faster, more productive.

6. No room for error

A toxic boss believes that his subordinates must do their job perfectly. If you made even a minor mistake, the manager will point out that there are no irreplaceable ones. And with the help of shouts or manipulations, he will provoke you to the fact that you are afraid not only to repeat the mistake, but also could not defend yourself in front of him at all.

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How to deal with toxic bosses:

  • clearly state and indicate personal boundaries, clarify your duties in a particular position;
  • do not devalue your professionalism and remember that not only you depend on the leader, but he also depends on you;
  • don’t take criticism to heart
  • respect yourself and your job, and prepare for a layoff just in case.