Children grow up very quickly, and their interests change with the speed of the wind. Choosing a gift for a child can be an interesting puzzle because we want them to be truly happy. Here are some gift ideas for teenagers.

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Gift Ideas for Teens by Age

12 – 14 years old

Try to get teenagers of this age interested in something new or something related to their hobby:

  • trendy headphones;
  • fitness trackers or other sports equipment;
  • playing console;
  • film projector;
  • jewelry;
  • books;
  • sketchbooks, tablets or drawing kit;
  • board game for several people;
  • remote control toys;
  • accessories with logos of your favorite movies, bands, teams and more.

Interesting board game / Photo Unsplash

14 – 16 years old

A good idea is something that emphasizes the individuality and independence of teenagers. Or it could be something related to their own talents and hobbies. For example:

  • Removable wallpaper is a great way to give teenagers the opportunity to decorate their rooms the way they want to;
  • a digital camera that instantly prints photos;
  • portable waterproof speaker;
  • difficult puzzle;
  • electronic book;
  • sports equipment or accessories.

The camera immediately prints the photo / Photo Unsplash