Poor posture can also lead to other health problems. What actions and exercises will help get rid of stoop, was shown by the athlete, world vice-champion in bodybuilding (2018), champion of Ukraine (2017), coach Evgenia Samoilova.

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Slouching is a side effect of a sedentary lifestyle. And the more time we spend in a stooped position, the higher the risk of getting additional problems: tension in the neck and back, breathing difficulties, poor blood circulation, headaches, and improper functioning of internal organs. This is a disease that will “spoil” you aesthetically, and also cause great harm to your health,
– noted Samoilova.

What affects posture

According to the fitness trainer, posture is also affected by emotions. After all, breathing depends on them, which is associated with the position of the head / shoulders. She explained that a person hides uncertainty, raises his shoulders, draws in and lowers his head, rounds his back, sticks out his stomach. In this case, the tension in the body remains throughout the day. If the situation does not change, the body remembers this state.

Posture is influenced by many factors / Photo healthwaters

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How to correct posture and get rid of stoop

  • If you have a sedentary job, take breaks, try to stretch your back and move around a little.
  • Go in for sports and strengthen the muscular corset.
  • Sleep in the correct position. If a person sleeps on his back, the spine is too tense. It is recommended to sleep on your side, and put a small pillow between your legs.
  • Get massages and relaxation treatments.

Evgenia Samoilova also showed useful exercises for correct posture. Perform them in 3 – 3 sets of 15 times.

How to do the exercises: watch the video