You can get the same feeling of satiety from chicken fillet, and, for example, from a pie. But if in one case you need to eat 200 grams of the product, then in another as much as half a kilo. 1:0 – in favor of the chicken. And there are many such examples.

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That’s why, hearty meal not necessarily calories. All because of its composition, the amount of fiber, fiber and other macronutrients. Nutritionist Eva Shishova gave a list, clearly comparing which of our daily meals are more satisfying, and which ones need to be eaten more so as not to be hungry.

What to eat to feel full throughout the day

  • Chicken fillet “holds” us longer than white fish or seafood.
  • green apples nutritious than watermelon and peaches.
  • Potatoes make you want to eat faster than buckwheat.
  • Red and brown rice saturate longer than white rice.
  • whole grain pasta more nutritious than durum wheat pasta.
  • Grain bread richer than rye.
  • Raw vegetables do not let us get hungry longer than stews.

Examples of hearty meals from a nutritionist

Chicken fillet with vegetables / Photo instagram

Fried eggs with vegetables and cheese / Photo instagram

Red fish with vegetable salad / Photo instagram

Omelette / Instagram photo

Fritters / Photo instagram

Sweet roll / Photo instagram

Omelet with vegetables / Photo instagram

Syrniki / Photo instagram

Fried eggs with toast and vegetables / Photo instagram

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Text of the publication by Eva Shishov:

Saturation from various foods

Let me tell you one interesting fact. Certain foods may have the same calorie content and even the same BJU, but they will saturate in completely different ways. This is due to their composition, the amount of fiber, fiber and other macronutrients. For example:

Chicken breast fills you up longer than white fish and seafood.
Green apples keep you full longer than watermelons and peaches.
Buckwheat saturates longer than potatoes.
Red and brown rice are more satiating than white rice.
Whole grain pasta lasts longer than durum wheat pasta.
Grain bread lasts longer than rye bread.
Raw vegetables last longer than stews.

Therefore, if you want the feeling of satiety to not leave you quickly, choose products with a longer satiety!