If you want to give a traveler something more interesting than a flask or a thermal mug, then the Mynext.travel portal has compiled a list of 10 good and practical gifts that will definitely come in handy just for you.


A folding knife is a must-have item on any hike or trip that is not even discussed. But you can go even further and give a multi-tool, in which, in addition to the standard knife, scissors, nail file and, possibly, a corkscrew, there will also be a quite effective saw, pliers and a screwdriver.

Price – from 20 dollars.

mini binoculars

It may not be an essential item, but with binoculars (or a monocle, which is even more convenient), traveling will be much more interesting. You can take a closer look at the area and sights.

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Price – from 15 dollars.

Sleep set

Sleeping on airplanes is not very comfortable, but it is necessary. Especially if you have to spend 8-12 hours in the air. In this case, you can not do without an inflatable pillow. You can complement such a present with high-quality earplugs and a blindfold to enjoy sleep to the fullest.

Earplugs with a container will cost 15-20 dollars, an eye patch – 3-10 dollars, a pillow – from 4 dollars. Assembling the kit, you can meet the $ 35.


A hiking raincoat is a must-have for every backpacker, especially if it is also designed to protect the backpack. The main thing is not to save money and choose an option from high-quality material.

A regular poncho raincoat will cost 20-25 dollars, and in order to protect a backpack as well, you will have to pay more, about 60-100 dollars.

Camping hammock

A great thing for lovers of hiking and travel, during which the nights have to be spent under the open sky. The advantage of a hammock is that there is no need to spend the night on the ground, fearing snakes and other creeping creatures.

Also, the travel hammock is more portable, lighter and takes up less space.

All hammocks are equipped with the necessary fasteners, there are also models with mosquito nets and awnings that protect from rain. You can find a model with a zipper, Velcro, with additional pockets and a double bottom.

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The cost of a tourist hammock depends on the configuration and manufacturer. On average, quite a decent hammock can be bought starting from 40-50 dollars.


The dedicated travel strap has a hidden zippered inner cash pocket. In appearance, such a belt is no different from the usual one, but it will help to save cash without hiding it in your pockets and worrying that the money will be pulled out.

A quality branded belt will cost 25-40 dollars.

Travel blanket

It folds into a roller and is attached to a backpack – the blanket will not cause unnecessary inconvenience, but it will make sleep and rest more comfortable. And besides trips and hikes, it will fit perfectly for a picnic.

There are a lot of options: both in size, material and color, and in price.


You can give just a flashlight, or you can choose a model with a compass, which will add practicality and value to the gift. Such a thing will come in handy both on a hike and just in everyday life.

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The price depends on the manufacturer and the model itself, but you can find a good option already from 20 dollars.

Portable gas stove

Food cooked over a campfire is, of course, tastier. But if the weather is not particularly conducive to the search for dry branches and you don’t want to kindle fires in the forest once again, a portable gas burner will come in handy.

Sizes can be different, as well as the design of the tile itself. Hence the prices. The easiest hiking option can be found for 30-35 dollars. But if you want to make a more impressive gift, you have to pay 100-200 dollars.

portable charger

An external battery will allow you to charge your mobile phone or tablet if there is no power source nearby. A useful item for travel and daily use.

And it definitely won’t be superfluous, even if one already exists.

Moreover, such batteries do not weigh much, and you can even buy for 20-30 dollars.