You don’t have to spend a lot of free time, because we have prepared a selection of perfect gifts for those who love to relax in the forest. All gifts are original, practical and versatile.

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1. Straw for water filtration

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2. A device for “sucking” the poison or removing ticks

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3. Playing cards that glow in the dark

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4. An interesting book about nature

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5. Quality waterproof binoculars

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6. Original cooler bag

backcountry photo

7. Waterproof bag for medicines or gadgets

Photo seastarbeachwear

8. Hammock

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9. All-in-one travel kit

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10. Original sleeping bag

Photo travel.tochka

11. A set of small hand warmers

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12. Picnic backpack

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13. Forest Cooking Kit

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14. A summer rug that can fit in your pocket

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15. Military compass

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