Soplica is a well-known Polish alcohol brand with a rich history. Soplica tinctures are made from natural extracts from selected berries, fruits and nuts.

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Taste tinctures from plum, quince, mirabelle, cherry, raspberry, strawberry and hazel have long been liked by connoisseurs from all over the world. And in 2020, the brand replenished the shelves of Ukrainian stores with a new line with lemon flavor.

Lemon Soplika / Photo by Soplica

The bright lemon line of Soplica tinctures is a great combination of unique flavors for those who like to experiment and want to go beyond the ordinary.

Soplica Lemon-Mint and Soplica Lemon-Raspberry / Photo by Soplica

A refreshing combination of lemon and mint embodied in a tincture Soplica Lemon-Mint, will give a rich citrus taste with a rich fragrant aroma. And an explosive mix of ripe raspberries and juicy lemons in a tincture Soplica Lemon-Raspberry filled with sunshine and lightness.

Lemon line Soplica / Photo by Soplica

In the same year, the Soplica lemon line received a prestigious award. Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Poland 2019. It is only given the best brandswhich demonstrated high sales results and received positive feedback from consumers.

Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation Poland 2019 / Photo by Soplica

Lemon flavors of Soplica are perfectly savored both on their own and with ice, as well as in cocktails. They are perfect for noisy partiesso call your friends and prepare original cocktails with lemon Soplica, which will set you up for active rest and new achievements!

Cocktail “First color”

An original spring cocktail based on Soplica Lemon-Raspberry with a pleasant aftertaste and raspberry notes will create a good mood for the whole company.

Cocktail “First color” /Photo by Soplica



  1. Fill a glass to the top with ice cubes and pour over Soplica.
  2. Carefully add cranberry juice and stir with a cocktail spoon.
  3. Serve.

Cocktail “Spring Vibe”

Prepare delicious cocktails with Soplica Lemon-Mint for your friends, which will charge you with the drive of juicy lemon and fresh mint!

Cocktail “Spring Vibe” / Photo by Soplica


  • Soplica Lemon-Mint – 60 ml
  • lemon / lime slices – 3 pcs.
  • tonic – 120 ml
  • mint leaves
  • ice


  1. Fill a glass to the top with ice cubes and pour over Soplica.
  2. Add tonic water, lemon or lime slices, mint and stir with a cocktail spoon.
  3. Garnish with mint.

Ready! Enjoy refreshing cocktails with Soplica.

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