Event Arena “Sea Terminal” is the perfect place to relax in the middle of summer. Here you can take a break from the Odessa heat in cozy lounge areas, try incredibly delicious dishes in food courts, or just stroll along the embankment, catching a light sea breeze.

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Seaport Event Arena / Photo by Zubrowka

Since 2018, it has been held here over 150 large-scale events: performances, filming, concerts and various shows. For three years, the “Sea Terminal” was visited by over a million people.

This year, the event arena will be no less exciting, as Jamala, The HARDKISS, 5’NIZZA and many others! It is here that a sea of ​​positive, energy and pleasure awaits you!

“Sea Port” was visited by more than a million people / Photo by Zubrowka

Paradise for lovers of the sea and music

Marine station of the Odessa Sea Commercial Port – one of the largest in Ukraine. It is surrounded by the Black Sea, and ships can enter here. up to 272 meters in length. The port receives annually up to 4 million passengers.

Seaport of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port / Photo traveler

This is real heart of Odessawhere tourists come from all over the country. The territory of the seaport is an embankment, on both sides of which there are large cruise liners and small boats. From here you can go on an excursion directly to the open sea.

However, walks along the endless sea are not the only thing that surprises the port. Here you can see a lot of interesting things. For example, climb potemkin stairs, which connects the harbor and the Marine Station with the city center. And here is erected a monument to the Duke de Richelieu, better known as Monument to Duke – a bronze sculpture of the first Odessa mayor Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis.

Monument to the Duke / Photo tonkosti

Odessans so loved their mayor, who turned Odessa into a rich and prosperous European city, that they believed that it was he who founded it. This is the main visiting card of the city, which has become a popular photo zone. They say that the one who was not near the Duke – he did not see Odessa.

“Sea Port” is open from June 15 to September 15 / Photo by Zubrowka

And for those who like a more active holiday, there is a Ukraine’s largest open-air summer concert arena “Sea Port”, which is open to visitors from June 15 to September 15.

Every year, cool entertainment programs are arranged at the Sea Port / Photo by Zubrowka

At the “Sea Terminal” you can hear the best world hits, enjoy Ukrainian and European folklore and fantastic masterpieces of rock music. Last year, the scene was lit Irina Bilyk, WITHOUT FLUID, Antibodies, Oleg Kenzov, Oleg Vinnik, Olya Polyakova, “Time and Glass”, “Evening Quarter” and many others.

Oleg Vinnik on the stage of “Sea Port” / Photo by Zubrowka

Open summer with Zubrowka

Zubrowka is the official representative of summer entertainment at the “Sea Terminal” in hot Odessa. Here in the cozy lounge areas there will be many raffles, contests and cool prizes from the legendary brand.

Zubrowka is the official representative of summer entertainment at the “Sea Port” / Photo by Zubrowka

Zubrowka is one of the most famous alcohol brands in the world. For more than half a millennium, Zubrowka tinctures have been made on the basis of natural essences from selected berries and fragrant bison grass, which grow in the ecologically clean forests of Belovezhskaya Pushcha.

The creation of Zubrowka begins in the sunny glades of a dense primeval forest, where powerful Bialowieza bison live. Here, twice a year, families of gatherers gather unique bison, as well as fruits and spices for tinctures. exclusively by hand.

Zubrowka Zlota / Photo by Zubrowka

Ingredients for future tinctures are sent to a modern distillery CEDC International in the city of Bialystok (Poland). There, aromatic essences are made from the collected natural components, to which the best are added. highly purified spirits from selected grains and crystal clear spring water, which is naturally demineralized at a depth of 60 meters.

Finally one stalk of bison is manually put into each bottle as a confirmation of the naturalness of the product, after which the drink is bottled and sent to store shelves.

Zubrowka Rose / Photo by Zubrowka

Zubrowka tinctures are exported to more than 70 countries, in particular to the USA, Great Britain, France, Hungary and Ukraine. The taste and aroma of Zubrowka drinks have been repeatedly noted at prestigious international competitions, including The Spirits Business Vodka Masters, The International Wine & Spirits Competition and others.

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In 2020, Zubrowka Bison Grass received the highest award, winning gold and The Vodka Master title in The Spirits Business Vodka Masters competition.

Zubrowka is a drink created by nature for those who value quality.

At the event arena you can try the unique Żubrówka / Photo by Zubrowka

Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to discover the legendary Zubrowka tinctures that have been loved by millions of consumers around the world. Don’t miss the festival this summer in Odessa and be part of an incredible musical event!

And for those who do not like to wait and want to taste the taste of summer right now, we suggest cooking delicious and original cocktail based on Żubrówka Rose.

Cocktail “Rose Tonic”

A bright cocktail from Zubrowka Rose based on natural fresh forest berries will give an incredible explosion of bright flavors and make your vacation truly unforgettable!

Cocktail “Rose Tonic” / Photo by Zubrowka



  • Fill the old fashioned with ice.
  • Add Zubrowka Rose and tonic.
  • Stir the ingredients and garnish the cocktail with fresh berries and mint.
  • Serve.