If you belong to the latter category of people, we advise you to carefully and wisely choose a hiding place for money.

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1. House of pets

This is a good place to store funds, but they must be wrapped securely in a bag, parchment or cardboard. Robbers will be the last to inspect things that belong to cats, hamsters and especially dogs.

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2. Kitchen

This is the room with the most drawers and shelves. Therefore, money can be hidden in an envelope, and it can be glued to the bottom of the box or put in a corner that is difficult to reach.

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3. Sports equipment

If you have sports equipment or exercise equipment at home, then you can use them to store funds. The cache will be especially reliable when you put money in one of the small slots. The simulator is heavy, so it will be difficult to take it along with the money.

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4. Household appliances

Old household items can be the perfect safe for storing funds and valuables. For example, you can use an old vacuum cleaner. If you want to store things in the appliances you use, be sure to keep your stash in mind. Otherwise, you may lose your funds.

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5. Garden or flower bed

If you do not want to hide money in the house, because you think that it is not safe to do it there, you can think of a hiding place in the garden or in the flower bed. To do this, hide the money in a strong sealed jar (or other container) and bury it. Be sure to remember in which part you buried your “treasure”.

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6. Socks

Robbers quite often look for money in clothes. But even in the closet you can safely hide any amount. To do this, the bills need to be rolled up as tightly as possible and form a so-called cylinder. After that, fix the money with a special elastic band and hide it in your socks.

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7. Refrigerator or freezer

There are many ways to hide money in the refrigerator or freezer. For example, money can be hidden in a bag, wrapped in foil, or placed in an opaque food container.

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