Meanwhile, not leaving a dirty trail behind is not so difficult. If you find it impossible to take your garbage with you, at least try to dispose of it on the spot.

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Waste classification and solving the problem of disposal

Going to rest in the forest, you need to remember that any type of garbage has its own structure with a different period of decomposition. All waste is toxic, and there is no waste that is harmless to nature. Even food products can harm all living things.

While relaxing in the forest, you need to sort the garbage / Photo by Newsvl

Organic and inorganic waste

Many people are sure that organic waste does not harm nature. But this is not so, because in the process of decay this type of waste is a source of reproduction of various bacteria that can adversely affect the flora and fauna. In addition, in the process of decay, an unpleasant odor is released, which will also negatively affect all living things.

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Inorganic waste does not decompose and therefore pollutes the entire forest ecosystem. It is strictly forbidden to bury inorganic waste, because thanks to this they are able to release toxic substances that are extremely harmful.

It is forbidden to bury inorganic waste in the ground / Photo by Promusor

Disposal methods

In order for the rest to bring pleasure every time, and your favorite places give pleasant emotions, you always need to clean up after yourself. That is why we advise you to properly dispose of all the garbage that you have left after relaxing in the forest.

paper waste

Paper, cardboard and bio-packaging can be burned in a fire with minimal harm to nature. In order for the wind not to carry the ashes after rest, it is better to sprinkle everything with earth. This will also contribute to a faster recovery of green cover.

Paper waste in the forest should be burned as carefully as possible / Photo by Trendymen

Food waste

No matter how hard you try, food waste almost always remains. We do not recommend leaving them anywhere for the animals to eat everything. This does not always happen, so it’s worth carefully removing the sod under a bush, digging a hole and placing all food waste there. After that, they need to be covered with earth, buried and “covered” with a turf “cushion”. Thoroughly fill everything with water, which will contribute to the rapid decay of waste.

Metal waste

Most metal waste is tin cans. They oxidize very quickly in air, especially when interacting with water. In order to accelerate the process of metal decomposition, it is necessary get rid of the anti-corrosion coating. The easiest way to do this is putting the cans in the fire. After this, the jar will easily be deformed, so it can be folded as compactly as possible with a stone. If there is no opportunity to pick up metal debris, it is worth burying it in the ground under the turf. Due to this, the metal will not oxidize under the influence of atmospheric action and will cause a minimum of harm to nature.

plastic trash

If possible, it is better not to take plastic products into the forest. Otherwise, you will have to carry them back with you. Note that burning plastic is not recommended, because it releases toxic gas when burned. Be sure to remove plastic waste from the forest and put it in a special garbage container.

Plastic waste must be taken with you / Photo by Dreamstime


Glass does not burn, but is well deformed in fire. After firing, glass products are easily crushed, so they should be crushed to a state of sand. But do not break the glass before it is burned. Parts of the glass in this case will be large enough, so they can harm not only people who will rest in the forest in the future, but also animals that live in that area.

All in all, ideally, it is better not to take glass products into the forest, but if you still decide to take it, we advise you to do special processing and grinding of glass at each halt.

Do not leave garbage in the forest / Photo by Inform

Any garbage left in the forest leads to an ecological disaster. Therefore, not only the type of favorite vacation spot, but also the whole ecosystem of a certain territory depends on the actions of each vacationer.