In order to forget about eternal hunger, you should follow a few rules. Nadezhda Pakhirko, a nutritionist, told more about them.

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Causes of constant hunger

Irregular meals

According to the expert, if you skip breakfast and in the afternoon they had a bite of cookies and washed down his coffee, a little later hunger will force everything to be swept away from the table and refrigerator. Such an appetite is very difficult to control, so you need to eat evenly, distributing calories throughout the day. ⠀

Breakfast is the key not only to a great appearance, but also to well-being / Photo Pixabay

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Rules for proper nutrition

  • Breakfast is the most filling meal of the day. He must make 25 – 30% of your daily calories. The rest is distributed between lunch, dinner and snacks.

Distribute your daily calorie intake between meals / Pixabay Photo

  • It is important to determine time for main meals and snacks. In this case, hunger will not overcome you, and the process of losing weight will be fast.