In 2020, the legendary Zubrowka Bison Grass received outstanding award at the international competition The Spirits Business Vodka Masters, and international experts noted the unique soft taste and aroma of the drink.

It’s interesting Discovering the legend: the history of the brand Zubrowka, lasting half a millennium

The Spirits Business Vodka Masters – gold medal and title of the Vodka Master

The Spirits Business Vodka Masters is a prestigious global competition for alcoholic beverages, where for 13 years in a row producers from all over the world compete for international recognition of product quality by the highest professionals in the alcohol world.

The competition is held in the form of a blind tasting. It is headed specially selected jurywhich includes leading experts in the alcohol industry, professional tasters, restaurateurs, representatives of the hotel business and journalists.

Specialists distribute alcoholic beverages into categories in which they compete:

  • vodka base (rye, wheat, etc.);
  • production (matured in an oak barrel, organic, infused, etc.);
  • segments (standard, premium, etc.);
  • origin;
  • marketing campaign;
  • design.

During the tasting appearance, taste, aroma and balance of the drink. In 2020, the fight for the gold medal was even more fierce, as a total of 83 applications from 38 alcohol producers were received for the competition.

Zubrowka Awards 2020 / Photo Zubrowka

It should be noted that Zubrowka is already repeatedly received awards and titles in this competition:

  • in 2019 Zubrowka Bison Grass received “gold“, and Zubrowka Biala -“silverin the category of premium vodkas.

Gold and silver medals 2019 / Photo Zubrowka

Gold and silver medals 2018 / Photo by Zubrowka

  • in 2016 Zubrowka Bison Grass received a medal and status “Master” in the category of premium vodkas.

Medal and status “Master” / Photo by Zubrowka

Zubrowka is one of those successful brands that never rest on their laurels. It belongs to the most titled drinks in its category, which is confirmed by many international awards, the number of which is growing every year. Today, Zubrowka products are exported to more than 80 countries. Zubrowka is recognized as the most popular Polish vodka brand in the global sales ranking.

The secret of Zubrowka’s success lies in loyalty to the traditions of creation, which have their roots in the 14th century, based on the principles of high requirements for product quality, respect for natural ingredients and craftsmanship. To create Zubrowka, we use the highest quality wheat spirits of our own production, natural extracts of herbs, wild berries that grow in the ecologically clean forests of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This is how the impeccable quality, perfect mild taste and multifaceted aroma of drinks are born, which continue to conquer both ordinary consumers and world experts in the alcohol industry.