Professional — have a powerful motor and wide functionality. The price of such devices is high, and skills are required to perform a high-quality haircut. Professional machines are used in hairdressing salons, beauty salons.

semi-professional — less power and functionality of such machines is compensated by lower cost. Such devices are equally suitable for work at home or in the salon.

amateur — a cheap, but low-power option with a small number of functions. These models are good for infrequent use (1 time in 2 months).


Rotary — These devices have a fairly powerful motor. Most often, this type is used in salons and hairdressing salons, since they are able to work with hair of any length, thickness and stiffness. They have forced cooling of the electric motor, due to which the machines work without interruption for a long time. Rotary machines are semi-professional and professional devices.

Vibration and noise in rotary models are reduced to a minimum level. Such devices are equipped with removable blades, which makes cleaning easier. Rotary machines are durable, reliable and provide a quality haircut. Disadvantages: high price and heavy weight.

Vibrating — are significantly inferior in power, and the duration of their work without interruption does not exceed 20-30 minutes. The main advantages of such machines are the relatively low price and low weight. Disadvantages: vibration and noise during operation, non-removable knives, which complicates the cleaning process.


Universal — allow you to cut your hair and take care of your beard and mustache.

Beard and mustache trimmers — specific devices, differ in a narrow knife and cloves. Such models are equipped with one or more nozzles that allow you to give the beard, mustache and stubble the desired shape.

Nose and ear hair trimmers – small appliances with a vertical cutting head design. Often equipped with a flat head that trims eyebrows and sideburns.

Body trimmers (body groomers) — remove hair on the back, chest, in the intimate area, armpits. These trimmers can also be used in the shower.

Bikini trimmers (cosmetic) — used to create haircuts in the intimate area for women and men.

Haircut kits — include several machines and due to this they are more expensive.

Power type

Network — reliable models, especially when the machine is continuously used for a long time (for example, in a hairdresser). The main disadvantage is the dependence on the network and the limited movement due to the cord. Such models are ideal for home, work and other places with an electrical outlet. When choosing such machines, it is better to choose a model with a rotating cord that does not twist during operation.

Rechargeable — a convenient option during trips and travels. The duration of work is usually 40-60 minutes, and recharging — 8-10 hours, depending on the model. It should be remembered that when the battery is low, the speed of rotation of the knives also drops. The battery significantly increases the weight of the machine, which is important for those who often use it (for example, hairdressers).

Battery-network — the best option. They combine the capabilities of previous types of power supply, which allows them to work for a long time without interruption. You can put them on recharging at any free time. Battery-powered machines are the best option, but such models will cost more than networked counterparts.

ImportantNote: If the device uses a Ni-MH battery, it cannot be charged until it is completely discharged. Otherwise, its capacity will be reduced. This feature is called the «memory effect».

In addition to the network and batteries, batteries are also used to power the machines. Battery-powered devices do not depend on the network, and the spent battery is easily replaced with a new one. The limitation is the low power of the batteries. Therefore, they are found in low-power machines (for example, nose trimmers) that are not designed for long-term operation.


The speed of the motor of the machine depends on this parameter, which directly affects the duration of the haircut. The power of the machine depends on its type:

  • rotary — 20-45 W;
  • vibration — 9-15 W;
  • rechargeable — up to 12 watts.

For domestic use, a model with a power of 10-20 watts is enough.

Blade specifications


The whole process of the machine depends on the quality of the blades. Blades are made of stainless steel with diamond or titanium coating, ceramics, combination of ceramics and titanium.

Reliable steel blades often heat up when the machine is running, while ceramic blades do not heat up, but are sensitive to falls and can break. High-strength, durable, but expensive titanium blades easily cut even very thick hair. The ceramic + titanium option is the most durable and easy to use, but it will cost a lot.

Most often there are coated stainless steel blades — the optimal balance between cheap stainless steel without coating and very expensive ceramics.

  • diamond coating — the blade works well with dry and wet hair, as well as with hair of different stiffness;
  • titanium coating — does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies.

Important: when choosing a machine, find out if the blades can be sharpened. This detail is important if you intend to use the product frequently. Dull blades do not cut, but jam the hair, which, at the very least, causes discomfort.

Width of the cutting edge of the blades — if the machine will be used mainly for cutting hair on the head, then you should choose a universal model with blades 35-45 mm wide. For cutting hair in the ears, nose, eyebrows, you need to select a special width, so consult the seller before buying directly.

Self-sharpening knives — a special technology for manufacturing blades, in which the cutting edge always remains uneven, i.e. sharp (edges with an angle of 45 ° C). The advantage of such blades is that sharpening occurs during cutting (due to friction against each other). Self-sharpening blades remain sharp for a long time, but even they need to be changed periodically.

Blade speed — depends on the number of revolutions of the motor per minute. The higher the speed of the blades, the faster you can cut, and the process will be more comfortable. However, when choosing the speed of the blades, you should rely on your own experience and skill with the machine.

For novice users, it is better to choose models with an average speed (9-12 W), for more experienced users, high-speed machines (from 20 W) are suitable. Devices with a lower speed do not work well with coarse and thick hair.

Important: for a quality haircut, the machine must have a speed of at least 10 thousand revolutions per minute with a power of 13-15 watts.

For a comfortable cutting process, pay attention to machines with two blade speeds. In this case, complex areas are easier to process at a lower speed.

There are models with the «TURBO» function, which increases the speed of the blades by 20% for a short time. Turbo mode is useful for cutting very thick hair.

additional characteristics

Number of length settings – the more settings, the easier it is to find the optimal length of the haircut.

This parameter is also important for owners of mustaches and beards (for them, the length step should not exceed 1-2 mm). In different models, the number of length settings varies from 2-4 to 14. For most cases, 5-10 is enough.

Pay attention to the indicators of the maximum / minimum length. The maximum length for short haircuts is up to 6-9 mm, for longer haircuts — 20-40 mm. The minimum length allows you to make the shortest haircuts (1 mm).

Adjustment methods.

  • rotary control — a special handle on the body of the machine for adjusting the length. It is found, as a rule, in models with a narrow range of length settings. The minimum length in such devices is less than 1 mm.
  • Nozzles — removable devices, each of which corresponds to a certain length (nozzles 3; 6; 9; 12 mm are usually used). Devices with nozzles have a wide range of length settings. There are models with one nozzle, in which the length of the haircut is adjusted by the wheel.

Important: the more nozzles, the more accurately the desired length is selected. Practice shows that in most cases you can get by with 2-3 nozzles or even one adjustable one. Each of the nozzles has its drawbacks: detachable devices can be lost, and in the nozzle with a variable length, the regulator can break.

Wire length — it matters if the machine is powered only from the mains. The longer the cord, the more comfortable it is to use the machine. An extension cord often needs to be connected to a short wire.

Charging time — it is important if the device is powered by batteries or has a battery-mains type of power supply. This parameter in different models ranges from 1-16 hours.

Battery life — a significant parameter for battery and battery-network devices, which directly depends on the battery capacity.


vacuum suction – easily cleans the face, neck, shoulders from cut hair. Models with this function are equipped with a container where the hair is collected. This option is good for short hairs, since long hairs are unlikely to get into the container.

Backlight – improves the quality of the haircut: the user will not miss a single hair.

fast charging – in 5-10 minutes provides partial charging of the device, sufficient for short-term use.

Charging from the USB port — allows you to charge the battery from the USB port of a PC or laptop. Useful feature when traveling.

Voltage switching — changes voltage modes 110 V (North American standard) / 220 V (CIS and European standard). Some models switch the voltage automatically, in others this function is performed manually. This option is useful when traveling long distances.

Important: If the voltage is switched manually, please make sure that the value is set correctly before using the device.

Wet cleaning – allows you to wash the machine directly under running water, which facilitates and speeds up its cleaning.


Nozzles — accessories that expand the capabilities of the machine. Some nozzles regulate the length of the haircut, others are used for solving special tasks (for example, thinning). Highly specialized machines have 1-2 nozzles, more versatile options — 3-5, the most functional devices — from 6 and above.

Popular nozzles:

  • beard and mustache attachment — allows you to trim your beard and mustache;
  • thinning nozzle — gives a natural look to short haircuts.

Charging indicator — helps to estimate the remaining time of the machine until the battery is completely discharged. In addition, with the help of the indicator, the process of charging the battery is monitored.

Waterproof housing – prevents water from entering the device. Devices with such a body can be used in the shower.

Replaceable blades — Eliminate the need to purchase blades separately, which is especially important on the road.

Scissors — are used to give the hairstyle a finished look and correct accidental flaws when working with the machine.

Charging stand — equipped with a charger, so it can be used to recharge and store the machine. Sometimes the charging stand is also used to store accessories.

Stand for nozzles and other accessories — used for orderly storage of nozzles, oilers, brushes and other items. This stand reduces the risk of losing accessories.

Hanging loop — performs the same function as the stand. The machine is hung on a nail or hook. This option wins in price, but loses in convenience.

Maslenka — container with special oil. Many devices in the process of use require periodic lubrication of the blades.

Case – serves for transportation and storage of the machine with accessories. Cases are available in two versions: soft fabric pouches or hard metal/plastic cases.

Display – displays information about trimmer operation, such as battery level or set cutting length.

Dry cleaning — performed with a special brush.

Blades do not require lubrication — typical for self-sharpening knives. Facilitates maintenance of the trimmer.

Wet hair cutting — a useful option if the cheeks are shaved first, and then the length of the mustache and beard is adjusted.

Removable nozzlesand – are easy to clean and rarely clog.

Telescopic nozzles (retractable) — more compact and easy to use, but prone to clogging. Caring for such work items is more difficult.

In addition, depending on the model, the machine kit may include: a comb, a brush for cleaning the machine. Accessories increase the cost of the set. Consider how often specific items will be used. In some cases, it is better to stop at a model with a minimum configuration, and, if necessary, separately purchase specific items.


  • The machine should fit comfortably in your hand. Pay attention to the weight of the machine. A model that is too heavy will result in rapid hand fatigue, and a very light device is quite difficult to hold in the proper position. Choose the best option for yourself.
  • If you choose a vibration model, pay attention to the level of noise and vibration. Loud noise is annoying, and vibration interferes with cutting (edging is especially difficult). As in the previous case, stop at the optimal solution for yourself.
  • Models with rubberized elements do not slip in the hand. This is an important nuance that directly affects the quality of the haircut.
  • Choose a device with a convenient button layout — they should be easy to switch with one hand.
  • Give preference to a typewriter with an easy-to-remove blade (latched). This will make it much easier to clean the device and replace the blade. An inconvenient option is a blade fixed with screws, which is removed with a screwdriver.
  • If you often travel by car, choose cigarette lighter powered trimmers.


You should not buy cars from Chinese and local brands Aurora, Saturn, Scarlett, Vitek, Viconte, Orion, Supra, Mikma. As a rule, this technique belongs to the budget class and does not provide a high-quality haircut. Made of cheap materials, equipped with weak batteries. These machines are characterized by strong vibrations and considerable weight, which makes their use sometimes unpleasant.

A good price / quality ratio can be noted at AEG, Binatone, Braun, Clatronic, Panasonic, Philips, Remington, Rowenta, Zelmer. These are solid products, qualitatively assembled and reliable in work. Such well-known brands always provide excellent service support to their customers and developed dealer networks.

The leaders among manufacturers are BaByliss, GA.MA, Moser, Wahl. All products of these brands are developed taking into account the opinion of professional hairdressers, which indicates excellent ergonomics of machines, the highest quality of blades and durability. Among the product range there are trimmers for beards and mustaches. Such models are also inherent in the manufacturers of the second group. All brands produce products for both home use and for salons and hairdressers. The prices for such equipment are sometimes much higher, but they are fully justified. By purchasing such a machine, you can be sure that you bought a quality item.


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