Wet razor — a conventional machine, when choosing, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • number of blades in the shaving head — 2, 3 or 5 is better than 1;
  • Availability lubrication strips — makes the shaving process softer and reduces irritation;
  • micro comb — lifts the hairs and facilitates the shaving process.

Advantages — provides the cleanest shave, disadvantage — often causes irritation. The blades in interchangeable heads become dull over time and need to be replaced. Given their cost, if you shave frequently, an electric razor may be a more economical option.

Straight razor — a fashionable and fashionable option, designed rather for professional barbershops (barbers). Requires a certain skill, but provides the most smooth shave.

electric shaver — a device powered by electricity or batteries. The blades are hidden in special heads, so there is no direct contact with the skin.

Advantages — suitable for the most sensitive skin and for skin with a large number of moles, does not require additional products such as foam or shaving gel. You can use them in any conditions, on a business trip or even in the car.

Disadvantages — the cost is higher than that of a conventional machine, as well as dependence on electricity or batteries.

Since choosing a wet razor is quite simple, let’s take a look at the features of electric shavers.

Shaving system

Rotary shavers — the bristles are shaved using rotating blades that are located in the head of the razor.

The advantage is shaving efficiency.

The disadvantage is that they are mainly intended for shaving short stubble. Also, many argue that such razors give severe irritation. But this is a moot point, since modern rotary shavers are more advanced and are suitable even for very sensitive skin.

Foil razors – the stubble is shaved using oscillating or vibrating blades. Advantages — suitable for ultra-sensitive skin, cope with bristles of any length.

Batteries or accumulators

Not a very comfortable option for everyday shaving, they are heavy and have a larger size than the rest. They also drain quickly. Perhaps these razors are best chosen for frequent trips or travel. When choosing this model, you should pay attention to the type of battery.

It is better to take a razor with a battery type Li-Ion (lithium-ion), as you can charge it without waiting for a complete discharge. Another type of battery Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium). If it is not completely discharged, its capacity will gradually decrease with frequent charging.

Number of shaving heads

Depends on the shaving system.

  • Rotary razors usually have two or three heads. The twin head razor is a compact travel razor.
  • Foil razors may have one to four heads. The more of them, the higher the shaving speed, but the cost also increases.


floating head – The shaver head moves freely to the left and right (foil shavers) or in any direction (rotor shavers) independently of each other. This allows the device to adapt to the curves of the face. Very comfortable for the chin area.

Movable shaving unit — an improved alternative to the floating head. The movable block makes the shaving process more efficient. Some high-end shavers have a slide block adjustment feature. Depending on the model, it is possible to have from 2 to 5 levels of adjustment with full fixation.

Wet shave – Some razors allow you to use hot water or foam while shaving. This greatly reduces the level of irritation. Also, such models are much easier to clean: just rinse them under running water.

Extra hydration — an alternative to the wet shaving function. A special cartridge filled with gel is installed in the body of the razor. Thus, the razor independently distributes the gel over the skin area and softens it. These razors have a significant drawback — the cartridges are refilled with a special liquid that can only be purchased in certain stores or departments.

Charging and cleaning device — these are the so-called «smart» devices that are independently cleaned and charged, you only need to install them in a special unit. These razors are very expensive. Also, the self-cleaning process is quite lengthy.


Depending on the model and cost, the razor kit may include: a hair clipper, a charging stand, a cleaning brush, lubricating oil, a travel case, a display, indicators for charging and replacing knives, a compartment for collecting hairs, lights, and more.


  • A new machine often shaves too «sharp» and can cut hair very deep and injure the skin.
  • Any electric shaver requires some skill to use. If you didn’t manage to shave smoothly for the first time, don’t despair and train.
  • Electric razor blades will not shave very thick hair. When choosing, evaluate the thickness and stiffness of the hair: perhaps an electric razor is not suitable for you and for smoothness it will be necessary to trim with a conventional machine.
  • When buying an electric razor, ask about the availability of interchangeable blades and nets. Sometimes there is simply nowhere to buy them for outdated models.


The group of the cheapest electric shavers is Breetex, Orion, Saturn, Supra, Vitek, Mikma, Novy Kharkiv. These are the most simple and low-quality products: uncomfortable ergonomics, poor assembly, short-lived batteries. It should be noted that some models (for example, Vitek) are worth their price, but it is difficult to distinguish them from the mass of mediocre equipment.

The leaders among manufacturers are Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington. These electric shavers usually have blades made of high-quality steel, which affects the cleanliness of the shave. Also, the products are well assembled and lie in the hand, do not give off strong vibration and noise. Various functions, such as a battery charging indicator, allow you to use its resource correctly and profitably, and self-cleaning systems make using an electric shaver convenient and enjoyable. The durability of this technique justifies their higher cost. However, you can choose the basic model for a more modest budget.


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