cutting block — part of an electric razor that cuts facial hair. It consists of a mesh and a cutting knife, but the design depends on the shaving system (mesh + knife, shaving head, shaving block).

Network — the part of the cutting unit that comes into contact with the skin. The mesh is made in the form of a surface with small holes into which the hair penetrates.

cutting knife — the part of the cutting unit that cuts the hair directly. It is located under the grid and is driven by the motor of the device.

Shaving head (knife pair) — consists of a mesh and a knife. It is carried out as a whole and does not allow the replacement of individual parts. Usually a set of 2 or 3 knife pairs is sold. There are also single shaving heads — a good option if the razor requires replacement of only one knife pair.

Shaving unit (cassette) — consists of a mesh and a cutting knife. Like shaving heads, the cassette is one piece.

Cleaning cartridge — allows you to clean the cutting block from foam, gel, hair and disinfect it. Facilitates the care of the electric shaver.

Shaving system

Grid – the cutting block consists of a grid and a cutting knife, which are purchased separately, has a rectangular shape. It is characterized by reciprocating movements of the cutting knife (left-right). Foil electric shavers compare favorably with rotary ones in that not all models require one-piece shaving blocks. As a result, you can change the components of the cutting unit as they wear out.

Rotary — the cutting block is represented by three shaving heads forming a triangle (sometimes it consists of two heads). The cutting blade moves in a circular motion.


collapsible – makes it possible to clean the cutting unit.

Whole – does not allow maintenance of the cutting unit.

Quality class

Original – only suitable for some models / series of electric shavers of the same brand.

Compatible — Suitable for many models of electric shavers of the same brand.

Important: The manufacturer specifies the specific models/series that this cutting unit is compatible with. Be sure to consider this information before buying an accessory and be careful: it is enough to make a mistake in one number and the selected component will not fit your electric shaver.

Number of shaving heads / foils

Depending on the design solution of the electric shaver, this parameter is 2-3 pieces (shaving heads), 1-4 pieces (grids).


Floating system, double blade, movable cutting unit — improve the quality of shaving, which is important when processing difficult areas (chin, neck). As a result, the skin becomes smoother and clearer.

Trimmer — Designed to decorate beards, sideburns, mustaches.

Recommended Replacement

With use, the cutting blocks and their components wear and become dull. For a comfortable and close shave, timely replacement of these parts is required. Manufacturers indicate the time interval after which the cutting unit is recommended to be replaced. Most of the accessories for electric shavers are designed for 1-2 years.

Important: Remember that not every cutting unit and its components can be washed under the tap. Also, accessories for electric shavers are recommended to be lubricated with oil from time to time — this will increase their service life.


Almost all models of accessories for electric shavers are produced for a specific model. Therefore, the division into conditional groups of brands by quality is the same here as in the electric shavers themselves. Cheaper product group: Magio, Rotex, Mikma, New Kharkov, Kharkov. The materials of the blades are simpler, respectively, it lasts less, loses its sharpness faster. Even in a new condition, it does not always provide a high quality shave.

Accessories for Braun, Panasonic, Philips and Remington electric shavers are more expensive, however, are made of higher quality steel. Last longer for a comfortable shave.


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