epilator — using discs or tweezers, removes hair from the body along with the bulb. The advantage is that a long time is needed between the resumption of the hair removal procedure (although for each it may be different depending on the characteristics of the body). The disadvantage is that this type of hair removal is the most painful.

Electric shaver for women — the most painless process of hair removal, but the interval between the repetition of the procedure is small (2-3 days).

Women’s trimmer — mainly intended for hair removal in the bikini area, on the face, for eyebrow correction and shortening of long hairs. Very compact and lightweight.

Number of speeds

Usually the epilator has two or three speeds. The first and slowest speed is designed to remove thin and short hair, the second and third — for coarser ones. This allows you to reduce pain during the procedure.


Epilators can be powered by mains or battery, as well as combine these two options. Mains power is the most common. Also, such an epilator or an electric shaver is cheaper. The second and third options allow you to use the device when it is not possible to connect to electricity (for example, on a long trip).

If the choice fell on epilators with a battery, then it is better to choose a device with a Li-Ion (lithium-ion) battery type, since you can charge it without waiting for it to be completely discharged.

In the second type of Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) battery, if it is not completely discharged, the capacity will gradually decrease with frequent charging, i.e. working hours.


floating — The epilator head moves freely left and right, which allows the device to adapt to the curves of the body. It is very convenient for epilation in the area of ​​knees and ankles.

Double — such a device has a double working epilation area, that is, the epilation process is halved. How convenient it is, to judge each woman separately.

washable – simplifies the process of cleaning the epilator. Also, some models are equipped with a moisture-resistant housing, which allows you to use the device in the shower and apply foam for less painful hair removal.


Cooling — before starting the procedure, the nozzle filled with a special liquid must be placed in the freezer for several hours. This feature reduces pain and irritation. The presence of such a nozzle significantly increases the cost of the device.

For shaving — can be included in the epilator kit and thus combine two types of device. It is very convenient when you need to use an epilator for your legs, and an electric shaver for the bikini area.

Trimmer — just like the shaving head, it can come with an epilator. Allows you to adjust the contours of the eyebrows, is used in delicate places, as well as for shortening long hairs to the desired size.

For spot hair removal — An alternative to tweezers when you need to remove a few hairs.

For eyebrows — this nozzle allows you to give the eyebrows the desired shape.

For delicate areas — represented by a nozzle with fewer tweezers. This increases the duration of the procedure, but reduces pain.

For peeling — makes it possible to prevent the growth of new hairs into the skin. Such a nozzle exfoliates dead areas and releases ingrown hairs.

Nozzle-limiter — allows you to limit the area of ​​​​epilation thanks to the installation of a nozzle on a standard head of the epilator.


Depending on the model and cost, the epilator may have a backlight, a massager, a cooling glove, a massage sponge, a case, a brush for cleaning the epilator and other pleasant little things.


It should be noted that there are not as many manufacturers of epilators as there are other household appliances. The most popular are Braun, Phillips, Panasonic and Rowenta. All of them ensure the quality and reliability of technology. Such devices are often equipped with additional nozzles for the most convenient use. The price of these epilators is approximately the same, so you should simply purchase according to your taste preferences.

A separate group are photoepilators for home use. There are very few brands of such products on the market today. The most popular are Remington and some Phillips models. The price of these epilators is much higher, but not because of the quality, but because of the principle of operation. Which type of device to prefer is up to you.


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