Knife, knife block— the main part of the clipper that cuts the hair.

Nozzle — a device that allows you to increase the height of the cut, depending on the type of haircut. The nozzle is put on over the knife block. Thus, the master can adjust the length of the haircut.

There are two types of nozzles:

  • unilateral — the comb is on one side;
  • bilateral — combs are located on both sides. Double-sided models make it possible to change the cutting height (9-12 mm, 3-6 mm).

Appointment of nozzles

For haircuts – adjust the cut level (within 1-25 mm). These types of inserts are the most common.

For mustache and beard correction — trim facial hair, thereby giving it the desired shape.

curly — allow you to create various patterns and stripes on the head. The best choice for unusual short haircuts.

Thinning — provide a natural and finished look to the hair. These nozzles are used at the final stage of the haircut.

cone-shaped — correct the shape of the mustache and eyebrows, get rid of hair in the ears and nose.

Polishers — designed to remove split ends of hair (1-3 mm).



Stainless steel — a relatively cheap knife, subject to periodic sharpening. Disadvantages: susceptibility to heat during operation, short service life, does not cut coarse hair well. Some high-end knives are diamond-coated to extend their life and improve performance in tough and dense vegetation.

Ceramics — heats up little and generally lasts longer than steel knives. The best choice for cutting thick hair. Cons: cannot be sharpened, higher price, sensitivity to drops. Such a knife consists of two parts — movable (ceramic) and fixed (steel). If necessary, the ceramic part of the knife is replaced.


Plastic — the cheapest material. Such nozzles are quite easy to use and maintain, diverse in shape and purpose. The disadvantage is a short service life.

Stainless steel — durable and reliable material. Metal nozzles are suitable for frequent use. Minus — high price.

Silicone — pleasant for the scalp, has a low weight. Such nozzles serve for a long time, do not cause discomfort and are easy to clean. The disadvantage is the highest cost.

Quality class

original, standard (specialized) — only suitable for specific models of machines. It is impossible to install such accessories on other clippers, as this is fraught with damage to the machine itself or a bad haircut. Fastening type — latch.

Universal (standard A5) — designed for most devices. Such accessories are equipped with a spring mount.

Important: The manufacturer specifies the specific models of clippers that this knife or attachment is compatible with. Buy accessories only with this information in mind!

cutting height

In nozzles, the cutting height is fixed, but the set allows you to adjust this parameter using different devices. The most common nozzles with a cutting height of 1.5; 3; 6; 9 and 12 mm. Less common are models for 13; fourteen; 16; eighteen; 19; 22; 25 mm. For some nozzles, this parameter is adjusted in the range of 4-18 mm.

The knives have a fixed cutting height of 0.01-19 mm. In standard models, this indicator is adjustable within 0.1-3 mm, but their universal «brothers» are deprived of such an opportunity.

Number of nozzles

This parameter varies from 2-3 to 5-7 pieces or more. The more nozzles in the kit, the wider the possibilities of the clipper. At the same time, the price of accessories increases. For household needs, 2-3 nozzles are enough, sets with extensive equipment will be needed by master hairdressers.

Knife width

In shearing knives, this figure is 43-48 mm, the standard value is 46 mm. There are also edging knives for fine work in hard-to-reach places (decoration of sideburns, edging behind the ears). The width of such knives ranges from 28-32 mm.

Important: it is necessary to properly care for the accessories for the clipper. After use, the nozzles are cleaned of hair with a special brush and washed with soap and water under the tap.

Metal nozzles are lubricated with special oil and the same applies to knives. In addition, knives are treated with aerosols for cooling and cleaning (relevant for professional work). Also, do not forget to disinfect knives and attachments once a month.


The cheapest cars of Chinese and local brands Aurora, Saturn, Scarlett, Vitek, Viconte, Orion, Supra, Mikma usually do not even provide for replacement parts. Therefore, in fact, they are disposable devices.

A good choice would be models from AEG, Binatone, Braun, Clatronic, Panasonic, Philips, Remington, Rowenta, Zelmer. For many models, replacement heads and cartridges are commercially available, therefore, such electric shavers can last a long time.

The leaders among manufacturers are BaByliss, GA.MA, Moser, Wahl. All their products are quite expensive, as are replacement parts. But they are made of excellent materials, provide a high level of haircut. It is convenient to use them both at home and in professional settings.


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