There are many products on the market today to create the perfect hairstyle, so finding a hair straightener is not difficult. However, choosing the right model for your type of hair is sometimes difficult among a large number of options. So, what should you pay attention to?

Types of plates in a hair straightener

A hair straightener can have different types of plates, which will affect both the quality of the hairstyle and the health of the curls. Plates can be made from the following materials:

  • metal;
  • ceramics;
  • teflon;
  • tourmaline;
  • marble;
  • titanium;
  • jade;
  • silver;
  • tungsten.

hair iron with metal plates is the least preferred option, since the metal heats up unevenly, which negatively affects the hair structure. However, this option is the cheapest, and therefore enjoys a certain popularity. However, don’t skimp on your health.

Iron with metal plates

Hair straightener with ceramic plates currently the most popular type. Ceramics heats up evenly, has a long service life, but when using the device together with care products, it gets dirty very quickly. Solving this problem is simple, you just need to wipe the plates with a damp cloth after using the iron.

Straightener with ceramic plates

Coated ceramic plates teflon, have perfect glide and cosmetics do not stick to them. However, such a coating tends to wear off over time, which is not always possible to see in a timely manner, and then such a hair straightener will harm the hair.

Iron with teflon coating

Hair straightener with coated plates tourmalinehas a perfect glide, and the charged ions released from the semi-precious stone when exposed to heat protect the strands from electrification.

Iron with tourmaline

Coated ceramic plates marblegently affect the curls, thanks to the optimal combination of ceramic heating and marble cooling.

Marble iron

Hair straightener with titanium plates notable for its uniform heating, this type of iron is used by professionals. However, with frequent use of such a device, the hair overheats, and the plates themselves are quickly scratched.

Iron with titanium coating

Plates covered with jadeite, have a gentle effect on curls. But this option is remarkable in that it can be used even on wet hair.

Iron with jadeite

Hair straightener with coated plates silver ionsheals curls and creates a more lasting result, but such a device is not at all cheap.

Silver ion coating

titanium plating plates are characterized by ideal uniform heating. After styling with such a hair straightener, the hairstyle remains flawless for a long time even without the use of cosmetics.

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Temperature conditions

It is no secret that high temperatures harm the hair. Although the main difference between the effect of a hair dryer and an iron on the hair lies in the ability of the latter not to tear off, but to stick peeling particles, it is necessary to approach the choice of the optimal temperature wisely.

There are several types of hair straighteners depending on temperature conditions:

  • without temperature control;
  • mechanical adjustment;
  • electronic temperature control without memory;
  • electronic temperature control with memory.

Hair straightener without adjustment temperature is the least preferable, since when it is used, the hair is more exposed to harmful thermal effects.

Iron without thermostat

Mechanical or manual temperature control is good because it does not require any settings from one use to another, but in this case it is physically impossible to change the temperature regime by several degrees.

Iron with thermostat

A professional hair straightener is a must-have electronic scoreboard, on which you can set the desired temperature with an accuracy of one degree. Some models of such devices are endowed with the ability to remember previous modes for more convenient use.

Professional iron

When choosing a temperature regime for ironing, you need to use the rule: the thinner and shorter the hair, the lower the temperature, and, conversely, the thicker and longer, the higher it is.

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Hair straightener manufacturers

There are many brands on the market for modern hair straightening devices. Some manufacturers are engaged in the manufacture of devices exclusively for beauty and health, while others are popular in the entire home appliance market. Of course, the price for the units of the first and second groups will vary, but the quality does not always directly depend on the brand.

In the domestic market, you can find rectifiers of the following brands:

  • GA.MA;
  • Moser;
  • Remington;
  • babyliss;
  • Rowenta;
  • Philips;
  • CeraStyle;
  • Brown;
  • Vitek;
  • Maxwell;
  • scarlett;
  • Domotec;
  • Sanusy;
  • Vigor.

The first three of the presented brands are classified as professional, and therefore have a higher price, but consumer reviews of them are overwhelmingly positive. Philips and Braun irons are considered good semi-professional models.

Hair straighteners

Other properties of rectifiers

Hair straighteners also differ in the width of the plates: you can find options from 1.5 to 8 cm wide. The width of the iron should be chosen depending on the type of hair and the intended actions with it.

In general, for thin and short curls, it is better to choose narrow plates, while for long and thick curls, devices with wide plates are better suited.

If you want to straighten your bangs with an iron, then it is better to use a small device. When the unit is needed not only for straightening, but also for curling curls, then you need to choose narrow plates rounded at the edges, otherwise, it is better to give preference to the option with right angles.

Bangs irons

Some models may have additional nozzlesfor example, the “corrugation” nozzle, popular a few years ago, or others.

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Depending on the type and high cost of the device, the plates in it can be floating or rigidly fixed. The first option is the most preferable, as it prevents pinching of the hair, however, such irons are much more expensive, and therefore are not popular.

Pay attention to the gap between the plates. Ideally, the distance should be absent or at least not more than 1 mm, otherwise such an iron will be ineffective.

Some manufacturers offer other useful features to their irons, for example, a long twisting cord, the possibility of ionization, a built-in comb, the possibility of treating hair with cosmetics, a thermal bag for storing the device, and so on.

The best hair straighteners in 2020

When choosing a hair straightener, you need to pay attention not only to the price factor, but also to the characteristics that affect the health of the curls. At the same time, it is not necessary to choose a professional device, because many irons for everyday use at home can boast good performance.

The best budget hair straightener REDMOND RCI-2312

This iron combines a low price (only 1.2-1.5 thousand rubles), excellent characteristics inherent in high-level devices (ceramic coating and floating plates) and a decent set of features. Power 45 W. For a non-professional device, this is a good indicator, average for this price segment. This power is enough to easily straighten and give a smooth, silky look to your hair. The ironing plate has ceramic coating. It does not spoil the hair, and due to its good heat-conducting properties, it provides uniform heating over the entire working surface, as a result of high-quality styling.

Another advantage of this rectifier is floating plates. This option is to adjust the degree of clamping of the plates, which prevents damage to the hair by excessive mechanical force. With too much effort, the plates seem to sink into the body, relieving pressure on the hair.

The best professional hair straightener GA.MA Starlight Digital Iht Tourmaline 5D (GI0102)

This hair straightener is very popular among professional stylists. It has excellent technical characteristics, provides salon-quality hair care, while not being so expensive for its level. GA.MA Starlight Digital Iht Tourmaline 5D has the function of ionization, delicate infrared heating and ozone action. In the complex, it works like a wellness complex for hair. Ozone improves metabolic processes at the cellular level, ionization removes static charge and smoothes hair scales. Strands after styling look shiny, healthy and well-groomed.

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The working panels of the iron have a tourmaline coating. It provides uniform infrared heating, acting on the core of the hair without damaging its surface.

The power of the device is so great that it reaches the maximum operating temperature in 10 seconds. The display shows the actual temperature, so it is convenient to control it. A long cord (3 m) on a ball mount allows you to use the iron in a salon.

BaBylissPRO BAB2072EPE/EPRE/RGEPE for curling and straightening

This model is also used by professionals in the salon environment. The iron has a thin body, it is lightweight, it fits comfortably in the hand. The size of the working plates is 12 by 2.4 cm. This is the optimal size, allowing you to use the device not only for straightening hair, but also for curling. ceramic coating gently styles the hair without damaging it, provides uniform heating and good glide over the strand.

BaBylissPRO BAB2072EPE/EPRE/RGEPE has a power of 60W and a maximum temperature of 230 degrees. The user can select 1 of 5 operating modes. The power cord is 2.7 m, it rotates, it is not afraid of kinks and creases.

GA.MA Elegance Led Bloom (GI0205/GI0206/GI0207) Tourmaline Coated

For a tourmaline-coated iron, the best price here is only 2.2-3 thousand rubles. This material, on the one hand, is delicate in relation to hair, on the other hand, it is the most durable and durable.

This ironing model has good technical characteristics: power 45 W, quick access to the operating mode (less than 1 minute), 6 temperature options, maximum heating up to 230 degrees. It can be used both in the salon and at home.

The most powerful Braun ST 750 Satin Hair 7 Color for keratin straightening

The power of 170 W allows the iron to heat up to operating temperature in less than 30 seconds and work continuously for a long time. Such an indicator of power brings the styler to the fore and makes it a professional equipment that allows you to carry out keratin straightening and hair lamination.

The device has all the possible options for comfort and safety: ionization and floating plates for gentle styling, 9 temperature modes, temperature control on the display, memory for the last used mode. It is convenient to use such a device both at home and in the salon.

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