A corrugated iron is an interesting device that is suitable for styling hair of any type. Thin and sparse strands will become voluminous and lush, and thick ones will look more interesting.

What is a corrugated iron

This is either a special attachment for tongs, or an independent device for corrugating hair. It is a plate with wavy surfaces made of ceramic or metal. Ceramic appliances are more expensive, but they are of higher quality.

There are several sizes:

Small. Best suited for thin hair, used to create basal volume (for this, only part of the strands at the roots are curled).

Small iron corrugation

Large. The best choice for owners of thick and dense hair. It will help to create additional volume or wind up beautiful curls.

Large iron corrugation

Average. This is the most versatile option of all. Suitable for creating basal volume, and for curling curls.

Medium iron corrugation

If the hair straightener has removable nozzles, then you can experiment with hairstyles using components of various types. For example, wind the crown area coarsely, and the tips finely. Or create the desired basal volume with a small nozzle, and walk on top of a large one. However, you should not use all three types, as the hairstyle will look a little sloppy.

Corrugated iron with removable nozzles

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How to choose a corrugated curling iron

To choose the best hair straightener with the “corrugation” function, while at the same time fitting into the budget, you should pay attention to the key technical parameters of the device, as well as the type of hair of the future hostess. By comparing the curling irons according to these characteristics, you can make the best choice.

Working plate width

Usually it is 10-45 mm. If the iron is bought for the root volume, then it is better to choose plates of 10-15 mm. This is enough to make a «bouffant», but it will look natural. To work on long hair lengths, a device with wide plates is better suited.

Ironing power

It determines the speed of preparing the device for operation (warming up) and the possible maximum temperature. With a power of less than 45 W, the curling iron heats up for a long time, it is inconvenient to use it. The optimal power value is 45-100 watts.

Operating temperature range

Simple models do not have temperature settings and heat only up to one value (usually within 200-220 degrees). In more expensive irons, the user can set the temperature depending on the need and type of hair.

ironing temperature adjustment

Convenient if the device has several temperature modes

Cord connection

For ease of use, some models are equipped with a ball joint with a power cord. It rotates and gives a certain degree of freedom: the cord does not need to be constantly adjusted and untwisted.

Plate pattern (corrugated wave size)

On some curling irons, you can change the nozzles and choose a pattern depending on the situation. To create a basal volume or to prepare the hair for subsequent modeling of the hairstyle, a small corrugation is used.

corrugated iron with interchangeable nozzles

Some models have interchangeable plates complete with different corrugation sizes

Attention! A large wave creates spectacular curls, but does not add volume to the hairstyle. This pattern can be used for direct hair styling.

Work surface coating

It depends on how carefully the curling iron will handle the hair. The best option is ceramic and tourmaline plates. For thicker hair, a Teflon coating is also suitable, it has average “tenderness” characteristics. The most “hard” is a metal work surface without protective coatings. Without harm to the hair, such a device can be used rarely and only on thick, non-porous, healthy hair. The coating of the nozzle affects the price of the entire device, so you need to understand how important it is to choose one or another coating.

  1. metal plates stand in the cheapest irons. Such an accessory can cost only 200-300 rubles. Such a curling iron literally lives the hair. You can rarely use it without harm to your hair.
  2. Teflon coating by itself does not harm the hair. But this is a fragile material, and microdefects appear on the surface of the plates, which cling and break the hair.
  3. ceramic coating also fragile. But the hair of such plates is laid carefully. This coating is used most often due to the best price / quality ratio.
  4. tourmaline coating is a ceramic finish. It improves the properties of ceramics, making them strong and durable. In this case, the hair does not deteriorate at all.
tourmaline coated corrugation

Professional corrugated irons usually have a tourmaline coating.

The first two coatings can be chosen only because of the price. They are bad for hair. If the iron is used regularly, it is better to spend money and buy a good device with a ceramic or tourmaline coating. It will turn out to save on hair treatment.

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Rating of the best corrugated flats of 2020 for creating basal volume

If there is no time and desire to analyze the characteristics, compare dozens of devices, you can choose something from the rating compiled by experts.

BaByliss BAB2151E

This iron is simply created to create basal volume. The ceramic coating does not damage the hair. The device itself is compact and easy to take with you. There is no temperature control, there is only one mode — by 200 degrees. Reaching operating temperature is very fast. The curling iron does not give the effect of a wave, does not make creases, it creates volume.

BaByliss BAB2151E

Harizma H10301 Creative Volume

Coating of working plates — tourmaline ceramics — durable and safe. The size of the nozzle is 2.2 by 8.5 cm. There is no temperature adjustment, but at a power of 48 W (maximum temperature 180 degrees), the curling iron will definitely not burn the hair.

It is recommended for giving basal volume to hair of small and medium length.

Harizma H10301 Creative Volume

Do Cut Mini Bambini

This compact deviceroad format), the working surface is only 1.3 by 6 cm. The plates are made of ceramic with tourmaline coating. Time to reach operating temperature — 60 sec. In this model, it is possible to set the temperature independently.

Do Cut Mini Bambini

Moser 4415-0050

It’s already professional device. The temperature can be adjusted within 150-230 degrees. Plates 2.4 by 9 cm, made of ceramics. Thanks to the long cord on the ball mount, it is convenient to use the curling iron both at home and in the salon.

Moser 4415-0050

Dewal Pro-Z Slim

This device does the job perfectly. Ceramic plates 1 x 8.8 cm with an optimal profile add volume to the hair roots. Depending on the task and type of hair, temperature can be selected from 4 in the range of 140-200 degrees.

Dewal Pro-Z Slim

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Tips for those who are just starting to use corrugation

  • To keep the hairstyle longer, it should be done only on clean and dry hair. In no case not on wet — so the hair can only be spoiled, but not curled in any way.
  • If the hair is long, and the volume is needed not only at the roots, then it will take more than an hour to create a hairstyle.
  • You can experiment with nozzles and create new hairstyles.
  • Before curling, it is better to use thermal protection, styling products and varnish — if desired.

How to make a frizzy hairstyle

It’s very simple. Hair must be divided into strands and passed through each ironing plate. Hold for no more than 7 seconds.

When creating a corrugation for volume, the top layer of hair must be collected (they are not wound), and part of the strands at the roots should be treated with a curling iron.

The result of corrugating hair

Styling options:

  1. It is very easy to get a lush and voluminous hairstyle with the help of an iron — you just need to wind your hair with the help of corrugated nozzles, and then comb and sprinkle with varnish.
  2. For styling with precise contours, you can use any nozzle.
  3. If you need the effect of wet hair, the strands should be thoroughly moistened with mousse or gel, and only then wound along the entire length.
  4. A corrugated iron can also be used to create a root volume — for this, only the root sections are wound, and the upper strands remain smooth: only the lower layers are processed.
  5. It is much easier to assemble a hairstyle from corrugated strands — you can make both a classic shell or a bun, and something more interesting, suitable for a party.

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Does it damage hair

The phrase «beautiful lush hair» sounds very tempting for owners of thin hair. It is not for nothing that many people do an expensive procedure in salons. Boost-UP, hoping to create the desired volume. Boost up is the usual chemistry for strands, which corrugates them at the roots in the same way as a regular inexpensive iron. The disadvantage of this procedure is that the hair grows back, and after 2-3 weeks the “radical” volume descends by several centimeters. A curling iron for corrugating hair is much more practical in this regard, although styling takes more time.

But it is worth remembering that such an iron spoils the hair and it is easy for them to burn the hair. Therefore, you need to use special means for protection — mousses, gels, sprays.

Best for beginners sprays, as they are easy to distribute among the strands. Such products are a guarantee that after a month of using the curling iron, the hair will remain beautiful as before, and will not turn into a dried, dehydrated mass.

Hair crimping procedure

Corrugation without the use of a curling iron

For those who just want to buy a corrugated hair curler, but doubt its necessity, there is a great way that our grandmothers came up with.

Shampooed hair was dried, but not completely. After they divided them into many small thin strands and braided each into small pigtails. Such pigtails must be very dense, otherwise nothing will work. To create volume only at the roots, you can only braid part of the hair.

This option, of course, is not the most reliable, since not all braids will have time to dry by morning, but the safest — no high temperatures and no harmful effects. Hairstyle like this lasts a long time: at least a couple of days. Owners of dry hair will be able to wear it for about a week.


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