Hair care involves not only scissors and a clipper. There are other specialized devices, among which trimmers occupy a special place. Can I choose this tool for self-use? Of course, but the future user should have an idea of ​​what a trimmer is and where it can be used.

Purpose of the device

A trimmer is a compact device that helps to trim eyebrows, mustaches, beards, as well as pointwise remove excess vegetation in the intimate bikini area, nose and ears. The photo below shows a trimmer with various nozzles that allows you to cut your hair and make a curly edging.

Hair trimmer

Here is a list of what the machine is used for:

  • shave beard, mustache;
  • perform edging haircuts;
  • pointwise remove vegetation, perform curly intimate haircuts;
  • make correction of the shape of the eyebrows;
  • remove hair in the ears and nose.

Mustache trimmer

Instrument classification

There are several classifications of this type of technology.

By engine type

The type of engine is put at the head and, accordingly, the division will be as follows:

  • rotary hair trimmers (the most powerful units for professionals, with the possibility of long work without overheating);
  • vibratory the engine has much less power (more of a home appliance that requires a break in operation every half hour);
  • pendulum options (not yet a very common type, which is a kind of horizontal scissors — when working with it, you need to press the handles all the way).

By type of food

The second classification criterion is the type of food.

  1. Rechargeable the most expensive option — it is good for minor improvements. The maximum capacity is about an hour, and it often takes at least ten hours to charge the battery. The degree of charge affects the speed of work — the smaller it is, the quieter the device becomes. Usually people who have to be on frequent trips stock up with such funds (but at the same time it is necessary to cut their hair to maintain a presentable appearance).
    Cordless trimmer
  2. network model can work long enough. Very often among these models there are devices with excellent characteristics. But the disadvantage is immediately noticeable — the user is limited in movement by the length of the cord.
    Professional trimmer from the network
  3. Combined trimmers combine both of these advantages.
  4. There are trimmers working from conventional batteries. These are compact options that are convenient to take with you on the road.
    Battery operated trimmer

Types of trimmers by scope

The widely used hair trimmers used to be referred to in the professional environment of hairdressers as edging machines. Their basic function was to create a smooth edge of a short haircut (at the back of the head, behind the ears and at the temples) using knives with minimal gaps, shaved to smooth skin.

Over time, trimmers received various attachments, began to change shape and size, turning into universal mechanisms for hair care on different parts of the body.

Beard Devices

Most of these models are based on a basic trimmer with a level of 0.2 mm and a set of nozzles (up to 3 pieces). Manufacturers offer a comb with a range of 14-24 mm for long hair, for stubble — 0.5-12 mm and a wide plate that provides a close shave. Adjusting the length of the cut hair can be operated by advancing the comb along the body, adjusting the wheel or changing the nozzle.

beard trimmer

Home devices allow you to experiment with a thick beard or create thin «Spanish» beards. There is always a «two-day» stubble option.

Mustache trimmers

As a rule, this option is present in the form additional nozzle in the beard machinewhen the knives are narrower and shorter. You can also work with a mustache with a linear nozzle, which can be horizontal or vertical.

mustache trimmer

There are options for caring for a mustache with additions to the electric razor. The comb does not have many length options, but is able to create the perfect contour of a thin goatee.

Ear and nose trimmers

The smallest battery powered cars designed for spot cutting in hard-to-reach places. They are rotary (tiny knives rotate in a circle) and vibration (one knife is fixed, and the second is pressed against it with the help of rhythmic vibrations) type.

High-quality models have silicone protection on the knives, which will prevent damage to the skin. The cutting tip resembles the writing part of a pencil, which can get close to the protrusions of the auricle or the visible nasal cavity. The moving part is linear when the knives are located on the side of the nozzle. This option is convenient when cutting eyebrows or detailing mustaches.

nose and ear trimmer

Since the nozzle is very narrow, it is easy to stop it at any time so as not to damage the mucous membrane of the inside of the nose. Machines for delicate processing can be sold in a travel bag along with nail scissors.

Universal Models

The most popular trimmer options today. They are offered in a complete set with different nozzles for any parts of the body. often have case and case storing accessories. The universal version replaces all specialized models and is considered the most convenient on the trip.

Trimmer for women

Women’s models are also quite multifunctional. Typically include many nozzles, allowing to remove hair on the face (mustache, eyebrows) and body (armpits, legs, bikini area). Often these are quite compact tools powered by batteries.

trimmer with nozzles for women

On a note! Many women prefer such trimmers to epilators, as the latter act quite painfully, pulling out hair from the root. Using the trimmer does not bring any discomfort and does not damage the skin.

Pet Grooming Models

There are no significant differences between animal and human clippers. They have the same equipment, power, charging method and nozzles. Externally, they also look very similar.

dog trimmer

The only important difference is structure of the main comb. Given the density of the coat in animals, the knives on specialized trimmers are located at a greater distance from each other, and may also have beveled geometry.

How to choose a hair trimmer

First of all, it draws attention food type, because without professional skills, buying a machine with only a power cord will cause additional inconvenience when cutting. You will have to monitor not only the quality and length of the cut hair, but also be distracted by the comfortable position of the cable.

Autonomous battery models with a charging stand can fail at the most inopportune moment if the owner does not calculate the battery life. There is a chance to stop half way and wait for recharging with partially cut hair.

The best solution is combined options with a built-in battery and the ability to charge from the mains without interrupting the haircut procedure. Some manufacturers even provide a quick charge function, with which you can complete an interrupted process.

Blade material

This criterion is decisive when choosing a trimmer. Some blades cannot be washed with water to avoid rust. They must be cleaned with a special brush and periodically lubricated.

types of blades for cutting hair

There are three types of cutting elements.

  1. Stainless steel — classic hardened metal knives that have a budget cost, but require constant care and periodic lubrication.
  2. Titanium — stronger and more durable material, less susceptible to corrosion.
  3. Ceramics — the best solution, which is often used by professional craftsmen, since the knives do not dull, do not require lubrication, and can be washed with running water.

The latter option is the most expensive, as it is able to withstand regular long-term loads without replacing the comb.

Number of haircut levels

It starts from the basic ability of the trimmer to perform a close shave (0.2 mm) and ends with the ability to attach a special nozzle for cutting thick hair up to 25 mm long.

cutting height adjustment

Professional hairdressers prefer smooth length shift lever, to create voluminous hairstyles with imperceptible transitions. For a home haircut, a simple comb is enough, which is switched by manual movement along the scale.

Complete set and additional options

This indicator is important when buying universal clippers, which are designed to process any part of the body. First of all, you should pay attention to number of nozzles. The greater the range of comb options, the easier it will be to find an individual setting.

Longer combs with wide tooth spacing are used for cutting hair, further reduced in size to trim beards and mustaches. The smallest comb is able to remove hair on the entire body, including the delicate underarm and bikini area. Narrow point cutters will clean the ears and nose of unwanted vegetation.

trimmer with nozzles on a stand

It is worth paying attention to the presence cases for storage of nozzles, brushes for cleaning blades, as well as the size of the charging station. When buying a model with steel knives, an important option is the availability of interchangeable blades.

Premium options equip trimmers with pleasant service functions:

  • vacuum hair collection in the body of the machine, which will eliminate the need for thorough cleaning of all surfaces after the completion of the haircut;
  • the ability to balance the mains voltage, indispensable on the road;
  • laser contourdrawing a straight line for inexperienced owners, which will avoid annoying mistakes when cutting;
  • backlitneeded when working at home in poor lighting conditions;
  • memory of the last length setting, useful for simple vegetation alignments;
  • shaving functionallowing you to work without foam, when you need to clean yourself up outside in the bathroom.



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