Electric trimmers for body hair removal are a relatively new “tech trend” for modern man. The devices are designed for home use or work in a beauty salon. The absolute advantage of the device is that it is easy to use it in any conditions — at home, on the train, in nature.

Types of hair trimmers

Hair and beard care with a trimmer is convenient, quick and easy. The device can shave (not always) or cut hair to a certain length, creating a uniform stubble. Usually clippers have several nozzles, each of which is responsible for a certain length. There are also devices where the nozzle is one, but its height can be changed using a lever, comb or other devices.

The trimmer can have many nozzles in the kit for different purposes.

On sale you can find the following trimmer options.

  1. For beard and mustache care. This is a specialized device, it can only be used for beards and mustaches. It is not suitable for cutting hair. The nozzle here is narrow, the cutting teeth are smaller, thanks to which the trimmer copes with its function perfectly.
  2. For ears and nose. Perfect appearance means attention to the smallest details. Vegetation in the nose and ears does not paint anyone. You can remove it with a special trimmer with a non-removable small cylindrical or conical nozzle. Such a device is safer than scissors, it is more convenient to use it.
  3. Universal. Such machines cope with hair for the classic version of the haircut, and “under zero”, as well as with eyebrows, beard. To work with different areas, as well as provide different lengths of hair, a variety of nozzles are used. If possible, it is better to use such machines for cutting hair, and for a specific application, for example, for a beard, take specialized devices that give the best quality.
  4. Women’s trimmers. Women’s beauty requires special attention. A special trimmer allows you to put in order, for example, eyebrows. It will also help with depilation of hairs on the face, legs, etc. In devices of this type, the blades do not touch the skin, there is a minimum gap. This is a safe and painless way to restore beauty.

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The quality of work and service life strongly depend on what material the working head (knives) is made of. It can be steel, ceramics, coated metal. The cost of the device also depends on this parameter.

Trimmer for women

Rules for operating the trimmer

Before starting a haircut or other care procedures, you must read the user manual. It indicates what nozzles a particular device has, how to assemble them and what to use them for. Some manufacturers also tell you tricks that will help you get a haircut or shave professionally. In the general case, the rules for using the trimmer are the same for all devices.

  1. Before you start work, you need to clearly decide what length of hair you need, and which nozzle is suitable for this.
  2. The minimum length of the machine is given when working without a nozzle. In this case, the cutting edge should be carried out close to the roots of the hair.
  3. Haircut is carried out against hair growth.

Before starting work, you need to select a nozzle

Attention: if there is no experience at all, it is better to start cutting with the highest nozzle (for maximum hair length). If something goes wrong, there will be an opportunity to correct the situation by taking the next longest nozzle.

How to trim your beard

It is convenient to take care of your beard at home. But it is difficult for many men to start without experience, many questions arise about the technique and process. Literally in one or two times a skill is developed, an understanding of the process and knowledge of the nuances appears, and the result of home care already looks quite professional. To facilitate haircuts, you need to know a few secrets.

  1. The machine without a nozzle is used for edging on the neck. Particular attention should be paid to the lower border. The beard looks beautiful if its border goes along a clear line.
  2. If a short beard, and it must be cut with a nozzle of the desired length, the procedure must be carried out against hair growth, while slightly stretching the skin as when shaving, in the opposite direction. For the formation long beard Excess hair is cut off in height, from top to bottom. It is necessary to work with a trimmer slowly and smoothly so that the knives have time to work through the area along the working head.
  3. Create side contour should be towards the ear. For this purpose, a machine without a nozzle is suitable. Here you can also stretch the skin a little so that the blade of the machine does not “stumble” and goes smoothly in the right direction. You can work on the entire width of the nozzle or just its corner.
  4. While creating top and bottom edges of mustache The direction of work can be chosen according to personal preference and convenience. If a mustache is not implied in the “hairstyle”, they can simply be shaved off with a machine without a nozzle.
  5. stubble on the chin should be processed from top to bottom or from bottom to top, while slightly stretching the skin as if shaving.

These simple tips will help you cut and shape a beautiful, neat beard on your own, without visiting a barbershop. Buying a good trimmer will save money on the services of a master, time on a visit to the salon.

There are models of trimmers that support the wet shaving function. This is a good alternative to the classic razor shave. For such care, foam is applied to the face.

  1. Before working with a trimmer, the beard must be cut with simple scissors. This will facilitate and speed up the work of the machine.
  2. Next, you need to apply foam or gel, as is usually the case.
  3. Adjust the device to the desired mode and start shaving the beard.
  4. If you need smooth skin without bristles, then before starting work with the machine, you need to remove the nozzles and shave only with the blade.
  5. Do not put too much pressure on the skin or pull it.

After wet shaving, the trimmer head should be rinse under a tap. It is necessary to remove all hair and shaving foam residue from the blade and nozzle.

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Eyebrow correction technique

Eyebrows require regular and accurate correction. Unlike tweezers or a blade, a trimmer can trim the shape or adjust the length of the hairs quickly, safely, and most importantly — with high quality.

Eyebrow trimmer

Everything you need to prepare for eyebrow correction necessary nozzles: to remove excess hairs and to cut too long hairs. All metal blades are treated with special oil. In addition to the trimmer, you will need other eyebrow accessories:

  • tweezers — with it, you need to remove all the hairs that cannot be captured by the trimmer;
  • pencil — they designate the shape of the eyebrows, so as not to work «blindly»;
  • brush-comb for eyebrows.

Before proceeding with the correction, draw the desired shape of the eyebrows with a pencil. If there is little experience, it is recommended to make a small «margin» and increase the distance by 1-2 mm. After inaccurate movement, the shape can be corrected without harm to the appearance.

Draw the desired shape of the eyebrows

Eyebrow shaping is carried out in two stages: haircut and shape correction.

Step by step instructions how to cut eyebrows trimmer:

  • install a haircut attachment;
  • comb the hairs up and cut those that protrude beyond the upper growth line;
  • comb the hairs down and repeat the procedure — cut off all the hairs protruding beyond the lower growth line;
  • comb the eyebrows along the line of natural growth and cut all the hairs that are selected beyond the designated area or spoil the shape.

Step by step instructions how to straighten the shape of the eyebrows trimmer:

  • install shaving head
  • slightly pull the skin and shave off the hairs without going beyond the outline outlined in pencil;
  • all movements should be smooth and accurate, the blade is moved against hair growth;
  • cut hairs are removed with a brush, then, if untreated areas remain, the procedure should be repeated;
  • at the end, a nourishing cream or shaping gel is applied to the eyebrows to give the hairs the desired direction.

Depilation of the bikini area

The trimmer can be used for a bikini, it is much more convenient and better than a classic razor shave. The advantage of an electric machine is that the hairs are cut evenly, leaving a minimum length less than 1 mm (The factor depends on the selected nozzle).

After using the trimmer, there is no irritation or cuts left on the skin, therefore, the procedure can be carried out shortly before going to the beach.

Bikini trimmer

Instructions on how to depilate the bikini area.

  1. The selected area of ​​​​skin is smeared with shaving foam, soap foam or regular cream.
  2. During shaving, the trimmer is moved strictly against hair growth. The skin needs to be slightly stretched, so the hairs will rise, and the procedure will be effective.
  3. At the first experience, it is better to set the average or minimum speed in order to get used to the device.
  4. No effort should be made, the first time the procedure may be long, but over time the procedure will become easy and fast.
  5. At the end of depilation, the skin should be treated with a special aftershave or use a baby cream.

With the help of various trimmer attachments, you can not only shave the bikini area, but also do various intimate haircuts.

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How to remove nose hair

Vegetation in the nose is removed with a special rotary nozzle. Before use, the wings of the nose are washed from the inside and all mucous secretions are removed.

It should be borne in mind that the procedure is not performed during a runny nose or during an exacerbation of allergic reactions.

Experts do not recommend removing hair from the nose, but sometimes aesthetics require it. It is not at all necessary to try to process the entire cavity of the nostrils — it is enough to cut off only those hairs that are visible.

Nose Hair Trimmer

Installed on the trimmer round nozzle, its use is safe for the nose and mucous membranes. The nozzles are inserted into the nostril by about 5-10 mm, rotated and removed. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 seconds, the vegetation in the ears is removed in the same way.

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Can I shave my legs with a trimmer?

Theoretically, the device can shave hair on any part of the body, including legs. However, given the large area to be treated, the procedure will be disproportionately long. In addition, the trimmer is not an epilator, but a depilator. After its application, the hairs still remain, albeit very short. After one or two days, the procedure will have to be repeated, spending at least 1 hour.

It is rational to use a trimmer to shave your legs if any area is left missing. The technique of use is similar to the treatment of the bikini zone: the skin is slightly stretched, and the trimmer head moves against hair growth.

What is a cuticle trimmer

Traditionally, a cuticle trimmer is a simple manicure tool, consisting of a thin handle and two blades connected in the middle.. On sale there are both inexpensive types, made of ordinary metal and plastic, and professional trimmers made of medical steel — the latter are not subject to corrosion and retain their cutting ability for a long time.

Cuticle trimmer

Using the tool is very simple — the skin is pre-steamed in hot water with soapy water. The working area of ​​​​the trimmer must be disinfected.

The procedure must be carried out very carefully so as not to injure the skin with a sharp blade.

The cuticle should be located between the blades, but it is not recommended to remove it completely. The skin acts as a natural barrier, protecting soft tissues from infection. At the end of the procedure, you should use a greasy, nourishing cream with a dense consistency or hand oil.

Recently it has become very popular electric nail files with various fittings. The device itself is simple, compact and convenient. Almost all devices are powered by conventional batteries or accumulators.

electric file

The principle of operation of a nail file or trimmer is quite simple: a small motor is installed inside, which rotates the base for replaceable nozzles, among them there are small abrasive ones — for the cuticle. If there is no experience in using such a device, care should be taken. The cuticle needs to be cut at maximum speed (usually there are only two of them), but in this way you can quickly overheat the skin and get burned, and you should not press hard on the treated area. All movements should be smooth and confident.

It’s important to know! Before use, all nozzles must be disinfected.

With a little practice, cuticle treatment will become a matter of seconds. The device effectively removes dead cells, reaching the soft tissues, the nozzle starts to heat them up, but does not cut them off. If necessary, even burrs can be removed with a trimmer if the skin is slightly pulled back. Unlike mechanical tools or blades, abrasive nozzle removes the skin evenly, and no traces remain from the use of the device.

Cuticle removal with an electric file

The functionality of these devices is quite wide: with large nozzles it is easy to do a pedicure, remove corns or dry calluses, treat heels. The basic equipment includes a polishing nozzle made of felt, which will allow you to make a professional manicure at home.

Depending on the model and configuration, a trimmer can independently perform a number of cosmetic procedures at home. As a rule, manufacturers produce special kits — for men and women, supplementing them with a certain set of interchangeable nozzles.



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