In order for a person to have a neat and well-groomed appearance, today it is absolutely not necessary to visit expensive hairdressing salons or have a personal stylist. It is enough just to have a tool at hand for the timely trimming of stubble, beard and mustache. The market is able to offer different types of devices designed for specific needs. Some devices are universal, others are more narrowly focused. The choice is quite large, and it is quite easy to get lost in the variety. To prevent this from happening, let’s figure out what the difference between a trimmer and an electric razor is.

Electric shaver features

An electric razor for men is as important as a cosmetic bag for the weaker sex. Initially, this device was designed and created as a tool for shaving the head and performing simple hairstyles (boxing, half-boxing, etc.). Over time, technology has improved, and now an electric razor is capable of performing much more functions than an elementary “zero” haircut.

electric shaver

Today, there are two design options for razors: rotary and mesh. The first is a disc blade mounted on the heads. This design removes hair very effectively, but can irritate the skin. The second option hides the blades under the net. Such a shave is more delicate, but requires more time for the procedure.

Mesh and rotary shavers

Mesh and rotary shavers

An electric razor has a number of advantages.

  1. Electric knife blades do not irritate the skin. This is especially important in cases with an increased dermatological response to everyday allergens and irritants, and when the skin is too dry and sensitive.
  2. The second obvious advantage is blade durabilityinstalled on the device. In terms of their reliability and durability, they give a hundred points ahead of any manual machine. The number of hair cut with an electric razor can be calculated in entire football fields. Where a conventional razor has already become dull, a knife blade will work for a long time.
    Electric razor blades
  3. The third important and very relevant plus is shaving quality. If, when working with a machine, there is a high probability of touching a painful area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin (pimple, etc.) and damaging it, then in the case of an electrical appliance, this probability is reduced to zero. In other words, shaving becomes truly safe. Injuries to the skin of the face are significantly reduced, as a result, convenience and comfort from operation are increased.
  4. There is no need to use gels and shaving foam, you can carry out the so-called. «dry shaving«. In the case of a manual machine, this is not possible.

Of course, like all other devices, the electric razor is not without its drawbacks. electric shaver not suitable for beard care. Only a smooth shave is her area of ​​responsibility.

In addition, it is necessary to regular maintenance. Cleaning, sharpening and balancing knives in inexpensive models, lubrication of parts in cases where the blades are self-sharpening. If the user wonders why to service the electric razor, and stops doing it, then the machine can fail, and quite quickly.

Shaver Maintenance

The nuances of using a trimmer

What is the difference between a trimmer and an electric razor? First, you should decide on the classification of the device and its purpose. Trimmers are used primarily for beards and mustaches, their care, trimming, etc. It should be remembered that the trimmer does not imply a smooth shave, and does not have the appropriate capabilities for this. All that can be done with a trimmer is to shorten facial hair to a certain length, but not to shave it off to a smooth and clean skin. For such purposes, a razor is just needed.

Hair trimmer

As a rule, choosing between two types of appliances (electric shaver and trimmer) is quite difficult. It is best to have both devices on hand. The razor may be needed in everyday use. The trimmer will come in handy if the user decides to let go of the stubble or grow a beard.

Here is a list of the most obvious benefits of using a trimmer.

  1. Perfect fit to control the level of the beard. Most often, the pitch of the nozzle has a division of 1 mm (from 1 to 10 mm). In rare cases, there are models with a pitch of 0.5 mm, but they are professional, so they are more expensive and are rare in retail.
  2. Shaves to level one day stubble. If for some reason the owner of the trimmer is tired of wearing a beard, he can easily and quickly trim it to the level of an even stubble. It is very convenient to create your own style without spending money on going to the barbershop.
    Using a hair trimmer
  3. Relatively inexpensive. If the average razor costs around one and a half thousand rubles, then a trimmer can be found at half this cost.
  4. A large number of nozzles. Many different universal (suitable for most models) nozzles on trimmers can pleasantly surprise both an inexperienced user and an experienced barber.
    Trimmer with nozzles
  5. Easy to use. The trimmer is a very highly specialized device that is difficult to use in any other way than for its intended purpose. You just need to press a button and start trimming. This is another difference from the electric razor, which, nevertheless, is a more versatile item.

Despite the impressive list of advantages that the device possesses, nevertheless, it was not possible to completely do without disadvantages. The first thing that draws attention is the inability to shave «cleanly». However, if this feature were fully implemented in the trimmer, it would immediately turn into an electric razor.

Secondly, we should mention the design of the knife blades, which may differ slightly from razor blades. Although the principle of operation in many cases will be similar. The blades in the trimmer can quickly become unusable due to loss of balance. It is far from always possible to correct this deficiency with your own hands.

Blade knives

The third thing that needs to be entered in the «flaws» column is inability to work with long hair. Imagine you want to trim your beard, which has become much larger, say 17mm. It will no longer be possible to do this with the help of nozzles, you will have to trim with a trimmer blade to the maximum step (10 mm), and only after that trim the beard at this level. On the eyes of a significant functional limitation.

What is the best trimmer and electric shaver?

Which device is best to use — a trimmer or a razor — depends on the user’s request.

The difference in the purpose of the razor and trimmer

Both devices are used in hair care. The purpose of the electric shaver — shaving of hair on the beard, cheeks, temples, neck. With the help of the apparatus, a person’s appearance is given a well-groomed appearance, a clean and smooth shaving of the face is achieved.

Facial razor

Trimmer purpose — cutting and trimming hair on the head and beard. The device allows you to simulate a male hairstyle. Attached to the device are attachments for cutting hair to a minimum length, imitating shaving. A trimmer is used to create model men’s hairstyles.

Dimensions and weight

Both devices look compact. They are convenient to use, easy to move from one workplace to another. When placed on a table or in a travel bag, they do not take up much space, so if necessary, a razor or trimmer can be taken with you.

However, due to the more complex mechanical design trimmer slightly larger than a razor. The device also comes with a set of nozzles, for which space is required on a shelf / in a bag.

Electric shaver in a purse

A razor or trimmer is a light weight device so that your hands do not get tired during operation and it is convenient to use. The presence of the device in the luggage bag does not have a significant impact on the weight of the baggage.

Functional Features

Compared to a razor, the functionality of the trimmer is wider due to the presence of a set of nozzles. Some models of trimmers allow you to cut hair on the head, mustache and beard, trim sideburns and eyebrows, cut hairs growing in the nose and ears.

Eyebrow trimmer

Eyebrows can be trimmed with a trimmer

Both devices, depending on the price segment, manufacturers give the following additional options:

  • self-cleaning function;
  • the possibility of shaving in the shower and in the bathroom;
  • device charge level control;
  • power cable length adjustment;
  • backlight.

Ease of use

On the shelves there are devices of different configurations, sizes and weights. You can choose the optimal shape and size of the device according to the wishes of any user. However, the ergonomics of the device depends not only on the size and weight characteristics. Ease of use is affected by noise, vibration and maintenance requirements. Comparative characteristics of opponents according to the named criteria are as follows.

  1. Usually, trimmers are less noisy. Manufacturers of both devices are making efforts to level out the noise effects during operation.
  2. The presence of an electric motor in the body causes vibrations. Both devices have technology to reduce their level.
  3. It is recommended to regularly clean the razor from hair residues and dirt. The trimmer requires not only similar cleaning, but also lubrication of the cutting mechanism with special oil. Otherwise, the device will not cut, but pull the hair.
instrument lubrication

Instrument lubrication

Razor choice

The razors presented on the shelves of stores differ in the way they eat and other criteria. You can choose a model that runs on household power or on batteries (batteries or accumulators).

On a note! In some models, manufacturers provide for the possibility of shaving in the shower.

For purely home use, a mains electric shaver is quite suitable. If you have to go on business trips for work, then it is better to look at battery options, with high-capacity cells and the possibility of recharging not only from the household network, but from the cigarette lighter in the car. Persons with sensitive skin it is better to choose moisture-resistant models for wet shaving.

Moisture proof electric shaver

Moisture proof electric shaver

The quality of shaving is affected by the speed of rotation of the blades: you should pay attention to the power of the electric motor. It is also recommended to trust the devices of brands that have earned a reputation in the market. Well-known companies provide warranty and warranty service for all their devices.

Trimmer selection

The trimmer is a larger device, so when choosing a model, it is important to check how comfortable the device is held in your hand. Using an inconvenient device will not allow you to perform a high-quality haircut of the head and beard.

Manufacturers implement differently cutting height adjustment function: using special nozzles or by means of a switch. The second option is preferable.

Models of devices powered by household power, rechargeable and with a mixed type of power supply are produced: from the mains and batteries. The latter are more convenient to use.

Blades can be made stainless steel and ceramic. Metal cutting elements require especially careful care. Blades can be changed for some models, and you should find out how and where you can get suitable replacement parts.

Ceramic blades

Ceramic blades

Trimmers are available for different purposes: home use, semi-professional and professional use. For small volumes of haircuts at home, it makes no sense to choose an expensive powerful model.

It is recommended to pay attention to number of extra nozzlesso as not to overpay for unnecessary features. After all, models with hair cutting functions for different heights and nozzles for removing hair from the ears and nose are much more expensive than a simple trimmer.

Electric shaver with built-in trimmer

A trimmer razor is a kind of compromise between these two devices. It is designed primarily for those who appreciate practicality and versatility in the device. Of course, having two types of blades in one device, such a device has much more possibilities than each separately.

Razor with trimmer

The scope of such a device is very wide, from a hairdressing salon to a home haircut and shave. The peculiarity of this type of devices is their extended functionality. In addition, by combining these two devices into one, the resulting unit is deprived of the disadvantages inherent in them separately.

Here is a list of the benefits of using such a device.

  1. Versatility and true versatility. While shaving and beard trimming used to require two separate devices, now only one is enough. Of course, this is much more convenient.
  2. Less time spent. Yes, that’s right, the user spends less time, because he does not have to prepare and clean two different devices, now everything he needs is already in his hands.
  3. Availability and prevalence. The price of such devices, as a rule, is quite affordable, although the quality may not always meet the stated requirements. It is important to make sure when buying that the blade is made of stainless steel, and let the machine itself be rotary.
  4. Easy to maintain. Such universal devices are usually designed with a long service life built into them. In other words, after-sales service is not only provided for, but also desirable. It is easy to conduct it, because. it includes cleaning and lubricating the knives, as well as their balancing (in rare cases).

Body trimmer PHILIPS BG 2025/15

There are also several disadvantages.

  1. If among the pluses was noted easy machine maintenance, then its regularity will be a clear disadvantage. Yes, you will have to service a universal electric shaver a little more often than a regular one. This is explained quite easily, more details, more potential breakdowns.
  2. The second obvious drawback is inherent in all electrical appliances. We are talking about power supply. Everything is simple here: if you forgot to recharge your device or just change the batteries, then it is likely that it can let you down at the most inopportune moment. Imagine the situation: you are in a hurry, you are late for an important meeting and you need to urgently trim your beard that has become sloppy. Half of the work is done, and the machine turned off and stopped showing signs of life. Time does not wait, and the beard still looks unkempt. It is good if there is an additional set of batteries in stock, or the model allows you to use it immediately, as soon as it is plugged into the outlet. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not provide for the use of the razor until it is fully charged.
  3. Break more often. Unfortunately, this is also a fact. The more complex the device, the more likely it is to fail. Two blades plus a set of universal bits can break much faster than one.
  4. Dimensions. Such a universal device will have larger dimensions than, say, a trimmer and an electric shaver separately. More dimensions, less room to maneuver, therefore, the user will no longer be able to afford some of the things that he does using less bulky items.
  5. Blade quality. Another important aspect to pay attention to. If the blade is made from a poor-quality alloy, the razor will very soon lose balance and begin to bite large hairs, which can lead to skin irritation.


Both devices have a number of undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Choosing one of them is quite problematic, as they have different applications. It is best to have both devices so that when the need arises, each of them is at hand. Oddly enough, the use of 2 in 1 devices is less justified due to a number of disadvantages, which were mentioned above. Ultimately, the main criterion for using an electric shaver and trimmer will be the need of the user, which these devices can cover.


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