A few years ago, nail extensions with acrylic gave way to a shellac craze. Therefore, the popularity of using lamps for drying varnishes and gels is constantly gaining momentum. Ladies who prefer shellac in manicure know that this technology cannot be dispensed with without a special lamp. However, you need to know how to use the lamp correctly so that the manicure does not upset the master and the client.

The device and principle of operation of the lamp

Even a novice nail service master can use a lamp for drying gel polish. It must be remembered that there are several main types of this device. It is necessary to use each of them depending on the chosen material for work.

Lacquer drying lamp

To date, there are three varieties of such lamps, working on a similar principle: UV lamp (UV), light-emitting diode (LED) and gas light (CCF). All 3 varieties differ in operation, although the principle itself remains similar. Each such lamp has its own advantages and disadvantages. The gas lamp is most often found in pairs with UV or LED and is rather an auxiliary technology for working with some materials that require a separate special treatment.

UV lamps

They appeared on the market very first and continue to be popular to this day. The main advantage is their power, on which the speed of hardening of the varnish depends. A lamp may contain one or more lamps. Each such light bulb is 9 watts. If there are two lamps, then the total power will be 18 W, etc. In the most powerful lamp, which has a power of 36 W, the gel dries in 1-2 minutes.

On a note! In the case of professional UV lamps, it is possible to dry both hands at once, but such devices are not suitable for home use. These lamps often have a timer that allows you to set the required time.

Ultraviolet lamp

A significant disadvantage of UV lamps is harmful effectthat they have on the human body. Ultraviolet is harmful to the eyes and skin of a person, in addition, frequent use of the device can adversely affect the nails.

LED lamp

This type of lamp is more modern. UV radiation comes from the LED. This technology allows the gel to harden in half a minute.. Drying time is significantly reduced. Lacquer is applied in a similar way, in three stages, between which drying is carried out.

LEDs, unlike UV lamps, practically harmless. Plus, they last much longer. The service life of such a lamp can reach up to 40-50 thousand hours.

Important! Unfortunately, the device is not capable of drying all materials. Some gel polishes are neutral to LEDs.

LED lamp

Dryers with this type of emitters are slightly more expensive than their UV counterparts. LED lamps are usually not replaceable due to its durability. If the lamps are burned out, the device is simply thrown away.

Main differences:

  • UV uses a fluorescent light bulb, LED uses an LED;
  • The UV lamp has a shorter resource and is harmful to the skin and eyes;
  • LED does not work with all types of gel polishes;
  • LED dries much faster;
  • Low power UV devices do not dry the gel properly.

Advice! Experienced users know that for optimal performance, it is better to choose a hybrid fixture that has both LED and UV technologies.

How to use a lamp at home

Modern models of lamps for drying gel polish are easy to use and do not require specific skills to use them. At home, the operation of the device will not be any different from working in a nail salon. First of all, you need to carefully study the instructions that come with each device. The first thing you should pay attention to is what varnishes the owner of the model works with.. Some lamps work only with certain types of materials, while others are universal.


Understanding the principle of the device and the operation of the device is not difficult. Most of the devices are made in a similar style, and resemble a garage in miniature. On the top of the dryer is a control, which, most often, is push-button. There are usually two buttons, but there may be more. If the device is hybrid, then the body will have additional button for switching between lamp modes.

The lamp for drying gel polish works quite simply. The principle of operation is reduced to pressing a button and bringing nails under the light. In some models, equipped with sensors, there is no need to even press the button, the device turns on itself when the palm gets under the light source. If the device has a screen with a timer, then all you need to do is focus on it. However, if there is no timer, any stopwatch will do.

Important! You can not overexpose the nails under the lamp, or, conversely, remove your hand from the lighting ahead of time. The materials are very demanding for strict observance of time regulations. It is necessary to remove the nails earlier — and the gel will dry unevenly.

Each coating manufacturer may have their own drying recommendations. Here are the average data for UV and LED lamps:

characteristics of UV and LED lamps

So, the main points of operation:

  • know what materials the selected lamp model works with;
  • read the instructions before use;
  • observe timing, do not overexpose and do not remove nails ahead of time;
  • take precautions.

In progress the device may be damaged. In this case, it is necessary to place all damaged parts in a plastic (if possible airtight) container as soon as possible. To eliminate the undesirable effects of caustic mercury vapor, you must contact a special service.

Is there any harm from a nail lamp

Many women wonder if a nail dryer is harmful. Often, fears can scare the user away from buying a dryer or visiting a nail salon. Your health concerns are far from unfounded. The question arose when the story of two women who had discovered skin cancer. Both of them often used ultraviolet nail dryers. However, in the future, when studying a larger sample of patients, such deviations were not revealed. From which we can conclude that the occurrence of such diseases can be attributed to a particular case and characteristics of the organism, and not to the potentially harmful effects of UV rays.

Some experts continue to argue that even more intense exposure to UV rays on human skin and eyes is completely safe, and in some cases even useful. Of course, even with the existing minimum probability of developing terrible diseases, some people will experience justified fears.

To minimize negative consequences, doctors recommend using the dryer at a certain interval: you should not change the nail polish more than once a week. Such intensity can be hazardous to nail health, regardless of the potential harmful nature of UV exposure. On average, a well-made lacquer coating lasts from two to three weeks. Even if you do drying 1-2 times a month, with a high degree of probability you can not be afraid of any serious consequences.

On a note! Some salons have recently offered special gloves that protect the skin from direct UV rays.

Special gloves

What you need to know about the dangers of using nail dryer:

  • frequent use of any procedure can harm the body;
  • fixed time and local exposure to a small area of ​​the skin minimizes possible harmful effects;
  • the harm from a lamp for drying nails has not been proven, but is only a hypothesis, the correctness of which everyone evaluates for himself;
  • if you maintain a certain interval and do not overexpose the nails under the dryer, as well as use special gloves, the harm from exposure to UV rays is practically nullified;
  • LED lamps are less harmful due to the low intensity of the glow.


The use of nail dryers is becoming increasingly popular due to the spread of this technology. It is more convenient for many to keep such a device at home, instead of wasting time and extra money on trips to a specialist. By adhering to simple rules, you can easily protect yourself from potentially undesirable consequences. The very process of operation is very simple, and this is another argument in favor of why nail dryers are so popular.

The best lamps for drying gel polish

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