How to choose a peeling, face scrub

  • Product type and skin type
  • Composition
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Peeling — a cosmetic product for the face (less often — the neck and décolleté), which has a smoothing, exfoliating and renewing effect. Contains acids, enzymes, oils and other components. Provides deep and delicate cleansing of the skin from dead cells, impurities, pigmentation, improves blood circulation. Peels are characterized by a gel-like or liquid texture.

Scrub — solves the same problems as peeling, but acts more aggressively and is used only for superficial cleansing of the skin. It has a creamy texture with abrasive particles that mechanically remove dirt and dead skin particles. Compared to peeling, scrub has a stronger massage effect. At the same time, this tool injures dry and sensitive skin.

Important: The use of peeling makes the skin more sensitive to UV rays. Therefore, after this procedure, it is advisable to avoid contact with direct sunlight, use protective clothing and sunscreen cosmetics with an SPF level of 15-30.

Product type and skin type

Depending on the consistency, peelings are divided into gels, masks, creams, pastes.

Gel-like products have a delicate texture, are easily distributed over the face, remove fat well, have a tonic effect — the best choice for owners of combination, oily and normal skin. These peels can be applied every other day.

A kind of peeling gel is a peeling roll, which has a delicate effect and is suitable for dry, sensitive and inflamed skin.

Thicker masks and creams perfectly nourish and moisturize the dermis, which is important for girls with dry skin.

Peeling pastes deeply cleanse combination and oily skin, fight acne and acne.

There are also peeling discs that are very convenient to use.

Important: for oily, combination, dry skin, it is better to use peels or scrubs with a smooth and fine abrasive. Scrubs are not suitable for owners of problematic skin, as they provoke the appearance of new acne.


Acid — contains salicylic and fruit acids. This is a fairly aggressive peeling that requires certain knowledge and experience. Not suitable for sensitive and thin skin.

Enzymatic — made on the basis of high molecular weight proteins (enzymes). Typically, enzyme peels contain papain and bromelain. It has a mild effect, effectively removes pigmentation, smoothes the skin, prevents inflammation of the pores. It does not require professional knowledge and skills, it is optimal for all skin types.

Bacterial — contains a purified mass, which is obtained from bacteria. Compared to enzyme peeling, it works even more gently. Recommended for girls with especially sensitive skin.

Mineral — made on the basis of minerals and corals. Well exfoliates dead skin particles and cleanses of impurities. Has a smoothing effect. Due to the aggressive effect, it is not suitable for owners of sensitive and thin skin.

With badyaga — contains silicon needles, organic substances, carbonates, phosphates. Improves blood circulation, prevents acne, tones the skin. But such a tool can cause irritation and allergies.

Oil — contains natural oils. It is characterized by a nourishing and tonic effect, prevents peeling. Used by women with aging, dry and sensitive skin.

With white clay — enriched with trace elements that improve skin condition. This remedy relieves irritation and peeling.


Most peels and scrubs are intended for girls over 18 years old (18+). There are cosmetics for women from 30 years old (30+) — these products help to rejuvenate the skin and smooth out wrinkles.


exfoliation — removes dead skin particles, which stimulates its renewal. This effect is provided by abrasive particles in scrubs and fruit acids in peels. This property is also inherent in micronized elderberry wax.

cleansing — removes dirt, excess sebum, clogs pores. Bamboo charcoal, basil extract, canola honey, oats and other components have a similar effect.

Разглаживание – evens out the skin texture and thereby eliminates fine wrinkles. This effect is typical for olive and shea oils, betaine.

There are also peels and scrubs that have a nourishing, moisturizing, tonic, anti-inflammatory, softening effect.


natural – are made on the basis of raw materials of natural origin. The composition of these products contains white clay, Japanese Sophora, various extracts. Such scrubs and peels do not cause allergies and do not contain harmful substances, including parabens.

organic — made from raw materials grown in environmentally friendly conditions.

salon — have a high acid content and are used only by professional cosmetologists in beauty salons. This cosmetics should not be purchased for use at home.

Homemade — differ from salon counterparts in a lower concentration of acids, which means they are safer.

pharmacy – contain medicinal ingredients, such as panthenol. Suitable for problematic and sensitive skin. Fight acne, blackheads and other skin problems.


Peels and scrubs are sold in tubes, jars and other containers. The average volume is 100-150 ml.

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