The ХХХ brand, which belongs to the concern DRT, was founded in the heart of the French Landes, the cleanest region of France — Aquitaine, the province of Gascony. The Gascony Landes is Europe’s largest pine forest, growing on white sand dunes along the southwest coast of the Atlantic Ocean. In the north, the forest borders on the famous vineyards of Bordeaux, in the east it is surrounded by the slopes of Armagnac, and in the south it reaches the Spanish Pyrenees… In this beautiful, picturesque place, cosmetic industry professionals have created unique face and body care products — ІХХІ.

The DRT concern, which is the world leader in the production of pine resins and terpene derivatives, professes an exclusively “green” philosophy, constantly renewing the resource of young pine plantations, uses solar energy, and makes cardboard packaging only from recycled raw materials. That is why the ICSI brand can be considered the most environmentally friendly and safe for nature.

Maritime pine has become the main ingredient for French cosmetics. All coniferous ingredients of the brand are taken exclusively from the raw materials of the Landes pine. First of all, it is an extract of pine bark, extracts of pine needles, buds, cone seed oil, resin. In addition, cosmetics use plants growing in Gascony — heather, immortelle, fern, Gascony plum oil.

The product contains a unique component — an exclusive patented active ORS PIN™ molecule (OPC PIN — from Latin Pinus Pinaster — Seaside Pine). It is an active substance of 100% natural origin, has received an exclusive patent and is certified according to ECOCERT biostandards. OPPC PIN is a powerful antioxidant that is 30 times more active than vitamin C and 4 times more effective than vitamin E. Thanks to OPPC PIN, free radicals that cause skin aging are neutralized and the skin is reliably protected. OPC PIN effectively suppresses the action of an enzyme that destroys collagen fibers, so when using this cosmetic, your skin is always elastic and elastic. OPC PIN also significantly increases collagen synthesis, with a 36% increase in type III collagen (the most valuable type of collagen for skin firmness) and an 18% increase in type IV collagen synthesis.

Naturalness is the strength of ICSI: the content of natural ingredients in products is at least 90%, and for example, Subliksim serum contains 99% ingredients of plant origin. Cosmetics ІХХІ do not contain parabens, phenoxyethanol, dyes, silicones, glycols, GMOs, nanoparticles and mineral oils.

IXXI is a detox cosmetic. Detox cosmetics, that is, cosmetics that help the cell get rid of toxins and toxins, should contain, first of all, powerful antioxidants — polyphenols and flavonoids. They work as «cellular scavengers» that neutralize free radicals and eliminate the effects of oxidative stress, protecting the cell from the inside. Each IXXI product contains powerful plant antioxidants — OPTS PIN — pine proanthocyanidins. Auxiliary ingredients in detox cosmetics are filters from ultraviolet rays, vitamins C and E, clay, Dead Sea mud, components that enhance natural defense mechanisms.

Using such detox cosmetics as ІХХІ, you will not have a dull complexion, “tired” skin, hyperpigmentation, or allergic reactions. Your skin will be healthy and radiant. The powerful bark of the “golden” Landes pine will reliably protect your skin from any stress!



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