“The biggest gift is in the smallest box!”

From the movie «Gossip Girl»

When do we wait most with bated breath for a miracle and the fulfillment of desires? Of course, for the New Year and Christmas! This is a truly magical time when you want to give, hug, thank and say warm words. So that the New Year’s fuss does not turn your head, we have prepared wonderful gift ideas for the closest people. What to put under the Christmas tree on the eve of 2018?! 🙂

All the best for parents

Parents are our guardian angels, our dearest and closest people. They deserve a special gift like no other! Well, if you managed to find out what exactly they would like to receive for the New Year. But if leading questions and observations have not yielded results, then you can go another simple way. Surely, your mom and dad have a favorite hobby, some interests and hobbies.

For beloved daddy

Does your father like football or fishing? Why not give him a new soccer ball or a spinning rod. Or maybe he’s crazy about fashion detectives? Bookstore consultants will kindly tell you about the latest novelties of the detective genre. Perhaps your dad collects handmade clay elephants? Why don’t you mold a cute elephant with your own hands, at least from plasticine.

And to him still put a natural aftershave balm under the Christmas tree Weleda After Shave Balsam. Your dad will certainly appreciate the product, which does not contain a single gram of synthetic components! Balm based on valuable organic oils and beeswax softens, nourishes and moisturizes the skin, providing anti-inflammatory and healing effects.

For the beloved mother

Choosing a gift for mom is a real pleasure! After all, there are so many things you can give to charming women, starting with perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics, ending with dishes and hundreds of other useful things. If you still have not decided what to give her, we have several win-win, and most importantly — applicable in life options.

For example: a cozy terry dressing gown, bed linen, a warm blanket, dishes, household appliances, perfumes and cosmetics. You can also give your mom a gift certificate for a salon treatment or a gym membership. She will definitely appreciate your efforts! And to make mommy always look at 100, give her a gift set from the French professional line SVR Densitium «Beauty and youth». This magic box contains two miracle creams for the face and eye contour, which restore skin elasticity, youth and beauty.

Gift for a loved one

When choosing a gift for a beloved boyfriend or husband, we really want to guess with a present! You can go for broke and directly ask the man about New Year’s wishes. Of course, in this way you are unlikely to make a mistake with a gift, but no one canceled the surprise. Therefore, we follow the old, proven method — we study the interests, hobbies and hobbies of a loved one. Is your boyfriend/husband crazy about electronics and newfangled gadgets? Feel free to give him a headset for the phone, good headphones or a powerful computer mouse.

If a guy is involved in some kind of sport, then, for example, a T-shirt with the number of his favorite player will be a great gift for him. A creative person will appreciate a handmade souvenir that is thematically related to his interests and hobbies. A wonderful addition to such a gift would be a moisturizing fluid for facial skin. Avene Homme After-shave Fluid based on Aven thermal water and glycerin. This is a universal tool for daily nutrition, softening and soothing the skin of the face, designed specifically for men.

Present for your beloved

To please a girl is not such a difficult task. After all, that’s what gifts are for! Furs, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetics, soft toys, smartphones — girls love to be pampered! Before buying such personal gifts, it is better to find out in advance about the preferences of your beloved. If you decide to give a soft toy, then the best option would be a plush dog — a symbol of 2018. Such a cute gift will not only bring a smile, but will also become a talisman for the whole year!

To make your girlfriend shine with youth and beauty all year round, give her gift set «Wonderful moments» from the French manufacturer of natural cosmetics Nuxe. In a sophisticated box, you can find dry oil made from valuable organic ingredients for skin and hair care. As well as a shower oil and moisturizing face cream with a rich botanical formula.

For sister and friend

Charming sisters and friends always want to give something special. If you are very close in communication, then why not please your beloved friend or sister with a beautiful set of underwear. Stylish accessories will also be used — straps, jewelry, stylish hats and gloves. Girls will also be delighted with home decor — unusual candlesticks, figurines, decorative vases. What will certainly please relatives and friends of girls is the next novelty of cosmetics!

Place your bet on decor! take a look at mascara «Mystical volume» from the acclaimed Finnish brand Lumene True Mystic Volume Mascara with blueberry extract, which, according to the manufacturer, will give the eyelashes Hollywood volume. You can also make your girlfriend happy with a fashionable, super-lasting lipstick NoUBA Lipstick Millebaci the most exquisite shades that will turn any girl into a femme fatale!

Gifts for kids

Who, if not children, most of all expect gifts from Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Ask the kids to write a letter to Santa or Grandfather in advance, maybe the wish will come true! Agree, the best gift for kids in the year of the Yellow Dog will be a live dog. But are you ready for these changes? If not, then give the kids toys, constructors, puzzles, cars, dolls and creative sets.

Also, children will be happy to receive a bright fancy dress as a gift. Queens, princesses, knights, pirates and superheroes — the choice of costumes is now huge! Let your child decide for himself who he would like to be on New Year’s Eve. And don’t forget to sweeten up the holidays with sweets, pastries and other goodies! Let the children associate the New Year and Christmas holidays with a fairy tale that they want to return to again and again.

Giving and receiving gifts is a real art that we learn all our lives. To be open, sincere and sincere, to put your love and care into even the smallest gift… This is what distinguishes a real Wizard from a Novice who is just learning magic. Happy New Year 2018, friends! May there be a lot of room for miracles, eccentricities and pleasant surprises in your life! 🙂

With love and care, Avocado team!


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