«A man is a super flower who lives in his own garden, he has his own world, and that’s wonderful.»
Irina Khakamada

What is he like, an attractive man through the eyes of women? Someone will note a stylish hairstyle, a tastefully selected wardrobe and a pleasant perfume. And someone will completely give up on appearance, referring to intelligence, a sense of humor and charisma. But will the charm of a foul-smelling and unkempt man with a five-day stubble save? And can a well-dressed metrosexual who has acquired a couple of Botox injections surprise with charisma? Yes, if he is Ricky Martinsmiley But we will not go to extremes, but today we will talk about care for real men.

What do we know about male skin?

Enlarged pores, inflammation, redness… Most men face such skin problems every day. This is due to the fact that their skin has more sebaceous glands than women’s. The hormone testosterone, by stimulating the production of sebum, causes inflammation, irritation and skin sensitivity. It is also known that wrinkles in gentlemen appear much later than in women. The presence of a large number of fibers, collagen and elastin significantly slows down the aging process of male skin.

Although men are skeptical about cosmetics, there are still many who zealously follow the youth and beauty of the skin. And cosmetic companies only support these aspirations by developing special care lines. If you still think that a real man doesn’t dance or use moisturizer, read on!smiley

Step 1 — Cleansing and Toning

Since the skin of men is prone to oiliness, excess sebum and excessive sweating clog pores, causing breakouts and blackheads. Therefore, the first thing to start a full-fledged skin care is cleansing. Wash your face morning and evening with warm water and special cleansers designed for men’s skin. They effectively remove impurities, dead skin cells and sebum.

Use a Cleansing Detox Gel Wash Phytomer Homme Global Pur Detoxifying Cleansing Gel. A product based on witch hazel extract gently removes skin impurities and oily sheen, heals damage and inflammation of the dermis, and tightens pores. After washing, carefully wipe your face with lotion or tonic. Toning is an important step in skin care, as tonics and lotions effectively tighten pores and heal minor damage to the dermis.

A soothing lotion will help you Ahava Men Soothing After-Shave Moisturizer, which contains spring water, lactic acid, vitamin E, as well as a complex of valuable plant extracts. The product can be used both after washing and after shaving. The lotion pleasantly refreshes, softens and soothes the skin, preparing it for the application of moisturizers.

Hydration and nutrition — the key to youth

It is known that moisturizers prolong the youth and health of the skin, keeping its tone and elasticity for a long time. Therefore, after thoroughly cleansing and toning the skin, men should use a moisturizer daily. Dear men, why don’t you put aside your modesty and start boldly using a moisturizer. You will not only keep your skin youthful and elastic, but also avoid irritation and inflammation after shaving.

Men’s moisturizer Weleda moisturizing cream for men It has a light texture, thanks to which it is instantly absorbed, moisturizing and softening the skin. The product contains beeswax, red algae extract, sesame oil and jojoba oil. These highly active ingredients deeply nourish and moisturize the skin, eliminating redness, irritation and flaking.

They say that scars and wrinkles only adorn men. Of course, if you are planning to play the role of a brutal gangster in an American blockbuster, stick to this dogma. And if you still want to see an attractive young man in the mirror for a long time, use anti-aging care products. Anti-wrinkle cream with cardamom and propolis Apivita Mens Care Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Fatigue Face & Eye Cream with cardamom & propolis intensively nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, smoothing wrinkles and removing signs of facial skin fatigue.

Peeling: deep cleansing

Maybe the word “peeling” sounds terrifying to male ears, but this procedure is extremely necessary. Why? Everything is very simple! If cleansers clean only the surface of the skin, then scrubs and peels provide cleansing of the deeper layers of the dermis. And this, in turn, renews and regenerates the skin, starting the processes of rejuvenation. So use a facial scrub once a week. This cosmetic product also makes shaving easier: the stubble gets under the razor blade better and shaves at the root.

Try a gentle facial scrub Uriage Gentle Jelly Face Scrub based on fine abrasive particles and Uriage thermal water. The tool very delicately cleanses and exfoliates the skin from dead cells, eliminates black spots and evens out the relief of the dermis. After the first use, your skin becomes fresh, healthy and well-groomed.

Body and hair care

Daily water procedures pleasantly refresh and energize. Although men do not like the word “should”, but how wonderful it is when the strong half of humanity is fragrant with freshness and purity. It is the antiperspirant that will provide self-confidence and protect against unpleasant odors. Deodorant-antiperspirant with silver ions «Silver Protection» by Nivea reliably protects the skin from the unpleasant smell of sweat, preventing the appearance of irritation. The product does not contain alcohol and dyes, and the silver ions included in the composition have an antibacterial effect.

To keep your hair healthy and well-groomed, use deep cleansing shampoos that care for both the scalp and hair. Oily scalp, itching, and premature hair loss are the most common problems that modern men’s shampoos effectively deal with. Mint, aloe and menthol extracts are often added to these products, which regulate the functioning of the sebaceous glands and provide freshness to the scalp for a long time.

Shampoos for hair loss are also in great demand among men, which strengthen the bulbs and nourish the scalp. If you are already facing the problem of hair loss, we recommend trying a medicated shampoo. Eucerin DermoCapillaire Re-Vitalizing Shampoo. The product, enriched with creatine and carnitine, strengthens the bulbs of the strands, effectively heals the hair, preventing baldness.

Men are very distrustful of the «miraculous» properties of cosmetics. Gentlemen, of course, creams and lotions do not change the shape of the eyes and do not stop time! But as soon as you begin to properly care for your skin and hair, you will soon be pleasantly surprised by your reflection in the mirror. Don’t forget to wink at yourself and wish inspiration for the next 100 years!smiley

With love and care, Avocado team!


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