«External beauty cannot be complete unless it is enlivened by internal.»
Victor Hugo

Someone celebrates the New Year in pajamas and slippers, drinking yogurt to the sound of chimes. And give someone the “Veuve Clicquot” and an evening dress from the latest collections of the eminent couturier. If you’re still on the lookout for your New Year’s look, we’ve got some trendy tips for you. We bring to your attention the top 5 most striking, stylish and fashionable images of the coming year!

Be trendy!

Surely you already know that the patroness of 2018 is the Yellow Earth Dog. Therefore, stylists unanimously declare that the best colors for New Year’s outfits will be yellow, golden, brown, burgundy and beige. Also in favor are all shades of olive and green. And in order not to scare the mistress of the coming year, astrologers advise avoiding too bright, pretentious colors, especially cat and predatory prints. It is also difficult to imagine a New Year’s image without makeup and manicure, because they give the image integrity and harmony.

The trend is sequins, glitters, shades of peach and beige shades, as well as «metallic». Makeup artists advise boldly using wine-colored matte lipsticks, drawing arrows of the most elaborate shapes and variations, and also trying the effect of glossy, “transparent” lips. As for the manicure, draw Christmas trees, snowflakes, snowmen and dogs on the nails, cover the plate with glitter and sequins. To make your nails look flawless throughout the New Year and Christmas holidays, use persistent innovative gel polishes.

Sun Girl: bright and extraordinary

According to astrologers, a cheerful image in yellow, orange or mustard shades will not only cheer you up, but also bring good luck in the financial sphere and in your personal life. Since these colors are quite bright, when choosing a dress, choose discreet models without explicit cutouts and necklines. In the year of the Dog, you can pick up a brooch or earrings in the shape of a dog along with it. And make-up is best done in beige or peach shades, focusing on the eyes and eyebrows. A vibrant, rich eye and brow palette Max Factor Smokey Eye Drama Kit 2-IN-1 Eyeshadow and Brow Powder will make your look irresistible!

Lady in a million: luxurious femininity

For women who want to shine and surprise, we present an image of a luxurious golden dress with high-heeled shoes. We recommend choosing a large choker necklace, which is considered one of the most fashionable and stylish accessories, to complete the outfit. And on the eve of the Year of the Yellow Earth Dog, this decoration will be especially relevant. After all, the collar is a favorite accessory of our pets. For such a frilly look, it is better to do a calm, soft eye makeup using matte shadows, and highlight the lips with glossy liquid lipstick. Moisturizing glossy lip gloss Lumene Nc Smile Booster Lip Gloss has a pleasant, softening formula and a luxurious palette of shades.

Mysterious Moon: beauty and restraint

Another absolute hit of the season is a metallic silver dress. If your wardrobe does not yet have a silvery dress, and you want to shine in the image of a «moon» princess on New Year’s Eve, be sure to look for such an outfit. Add cold makeup to this luxurious mysterious look and you will shine brighter than the moon. Use shades of discreet blue and blue shades, as well as all metallic shades. Give your eyes a special charm and expressiveness with a waterproof eyeliner. Deborah 24Ore Waterproof Eye Pencil. A convenient blending brush, located on the opposite side of the product, will allow you to create a spectacular make-up for smoky eyes.

Sweet berry: flirtatious and mischievous

Although the fiery red color remained last year, stylists are in no hurry to part with bright berry shades. Why don’t you appear on New Year’s Eve as a Sweet Berry?! Lush fitted dresses in juicy strawberry or raspberry shades, bright themed accessories will add flirtatiousness and femininity to your look. Cat black arrows and red lipstick are probably the best combination for this outfit. Luxurious matte red lipstick Nouba Lipstick will give your image a special gloss and sophistication.

Strong and stylish: cowboy style

For self-confident, strong and independent girls this year, stylists offer to try on a bold and stylish look in a cowboy style. To make the outfit look more festive, instead of ordinary jeans, use cowboy dresses, stylish cardigans or tunics with ethnic and geometric prints. But fringed boots and a wide-brimmed hat are an integral part of the image. Shoes and clothes in country style can be complemented with stylish accessories: wooden beads, bracelets, silver earrings, wide belt.

As for makeup, it should emphasize your natural beauty. Therefore, in this image, we use light shades of foundation and the most natural palette of shadows, blush and lip gloss. Slightly emphasize the eyes and eyebrows, and apply bronze or beige blush on the cheekbones. Compact blush BeYu Color Passion Blush as close as possible to natural shades, so they are perfectly combined with the natural tone of the face. Give your cheekbones graceful, clear shapes — and your image will become irresistible!

Dear readers, we hope our tips will help you find exactly the image that you have always dreamed of. But you remember that it is inner beauty and harmony that make us truly beautiful people. Smile, radiate light and kindness, give love to the world! And don’t forget to make a wish on New Year’s Eve. They say dreams come true this year…

With love and care, Avocado team!


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