“Hairstyle affects how the day goes, and ultimately life.”
Sophia Loren

Since ancient times, people have believed that feminine charm, strength and magnetism are rooted in hair. If a girl had a long, thick braid, she was predicted to have a long and happy life. Healthy, well-groomed hair and in our time can be safely called the pride of a woman. But in order to preserve the beauty and health of curls, you need to work a little, especially in winter. So that precipitation and sudden changes in temperature do not affect the condition of your hair, arm yourself with our simple yet effective tips!

hair food

Although winter pleases the eye with magical landscapes, it is merciless to the skin and hair. Low temperatures, dry air in heated rooms, as well as a lack of vitamins have an extremely unfavorable effect on the condition of our curls. They become dry, brittle and lifeless, so they require special care, which includes deep nutrition, hydration and restoration. But first of all, you need to adjust the diet: after all, the beauty and health of the hair primarily depends on what we eat.

During the cold season, our hair needs omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, proteins, calcium, zinc, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, include red fish, white meat, sour-milk products, vegetables, fruits and legumes in your diet. If you want your hair to grow well and be soft and moisturized, take fish oil and a general strengthening multivitamin complex.

Winter shampoo: clean the roots, nourish the tips

When we see healthy, well-groomed hair, the first thing we want to know from their owner is the name of the shampoo. Although full-fledged care for curls includes not only cleansing, shampoo is still the head of everything. With the advent of winter, give preference not only to cleansing, but also to nourishing and regenerating shampoos, since during the cold period, hair type can change significantly. Accordingly, not only dry, but also normal and oily strands need intensive nutrition and hydration. As a rule, hair becomes drier in winter. The most common problem is oily roots and very dry, brittle, dehydrated ends.

In this case, it is best to buy shampoos with the most gentle formula, without parabens, silicones and dyes, with an active plant formula. For example, nourishing shampoo for dry and damaged hair Item Alpha 3 Shampooing contains a rich vitamin complex that strengthens the roots and stimulates hair growth. Oat lipoproteins soften, moisturize and nourish curls, leaving them soft, smooth and silky.

Balm or conditioner?

To protect the hair from overdrying, as well as to facilitate combing, after washing the hair with shampoo, hairdressers recommend using a balm or conditioner. The main task of the conditioner is to minimize the harmful effects of washing, combing and drying the hair. A moisturizing conditioner for all hair types Insight Anti-Frizz Hydrating Conditioner with a soft organic formula contains valuable cotton, hemp and cocoa oils that moisturize and nourish the curls, creating a protective layer.

The balm actively cares for the hair, restoring it and saturating it with useful substances — essential oils, proteins, minerals and other highly active components. If the conditioner is distributed through the hair, avoiding the roots, then the balm is applied from roots to ends. Although these two products are necessary in any season, it is still better to use the balm more often in winter, as it deeply nourishes and restores hair along the entire length.

Restore beauty and strength to your hair with hair balm «Healing herbs» from the Ukrainian brand White Mandarin Balm «Herb», The product effectively nourishes and restores hair, prevents brittleness and excessive dryness of curls. The balm also actively renews the structure of the strands, restoring the cut ends of the hair. Extracts of germinated grains of wheat, corn and barley, as well as natural oils moisturize and saturate curls with valuable vitamins and proteins.

Masks — for intensive nutrition

Masks are a real salvation for dry, brittle and lifeless hair, especially in winter. They perfectly nourish, moisturize and restore curls, saturating them with vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. Be sure to try the intensely nourishing hair mask with jojoba wax and sesame oil. Rene Furterer Solaire Intense Nourishing Repair Mask. The tool restores and heals curls, gives the hair a mirror shine and a well-groomed appearance.

Serums — for growth and shine

During cold weather, the hair roots are very weakened, which can lead to hair loss. To prevent or cure hair loss, trichologists recommend regular scalp massage with special therapeutic serums. With anti-hair loss serum Klorane Anti-Hair Loss Strengthening Serum you will forever forget about hair loss! The drug, enriched with caffeine and cinchona extract, nourishes and strengthens the bulbs, filling them with strength and vitality.

Dry dandruff — oils will help

It is in winter that dandruff attacks the scalp. Temperature fluctuations and prolonged wearing of tight hats, as well as dehydrated scalp, cause it to appear. To get rid of dry dandruff and prevent its recurrence, choose the most gentle shampoo designed specifically for dry and damaged hair. The scalp is also perfectly nourished by natural oils.

Especially effective against dandruff is tea tree oil, which is famous for its antibacterial action. Coconut Cream Mask Parachute Gold Anti Dandruff Coconut & Lemon Hair Cream with a high content of essential oils of lemon and tea tree effectively fights dry dandruff, deeply cleansing and exfoliating the scalp.

Our charming readers, so that your hair looks healthy and well-groomed, regardless of the season, follow your diet and buy only high-quality care products. Add to this a drop of patience and a lot of love for yourself and the world — and then not only hair, but you will radiate youth and beauty.

With love and care, Avocado team!


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