Thin red streaks, spider veins and redness on the skin were once considered a sign of aristocratic beauty… But the fashion for imperfections has long since sunk into the water. Today, couperosis and rosacea are considered a serious cosmetic problem that can and should be dealt with. Clean, healthy and smooth skin with a healthy glow is what modern ladies strive for. Why do vascular networks and redness appear on the skin? How to deal with them? And how to avoid? Let’s figure it out!

Where the legs grow from: the causes of rosacea Many girls know firsthand about redness and spider veins on the face. Of course, they can be effectively disguised under a thick layer of powder and foundation. But you can’t just walk away from the problem. Indeed, in addition to a visible cosmetic defect, rosacea also causes an unpleasant sensation of burning and tingling of the skin. In addition, dilated vessels disrupt microcirculation in the cells of the skin, which leads to inflammation, dermatitis, rosacea and rosacea. Speaking in the language of doctors, then rosacea is an expanded network of capillary vessels on the skin of the face. It is no secret that the beauty and health of the skin largely depends on the work of the vascular and lymphatic systems. After all, the vessels are responsible for the nutrition and respiration of the skin, as well as the removal of toxins. It is weak blood vessels that are most often associated with the appearance of rosacea.

Sunscreen should always be at hand, even if you do not plan to go to the sea. A wonderful option can be a moisturizing, protective cream from a French cosmetic line. SVR Rubialine Creme SPF 50. A cream based on a vascular-strengthening needle extract and sunscreens effectively protects thin, sensitive skin from temperature extremes and aggressive UV rays.

In addition to weather conditions, the condition of the vessels is also affected by frequent visits to the sauna and bath. Try to minimize bath procedures, and replace hot showers with warm or contrast ones. It is also worth noting aggressive cosmetic procedures. Women who are prone to rosacea should avoid chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and traumatic facial cleansing.

Beauty without sacrifice — the right care

Healthy, beautiful skin starts with proper nutrition. Before treatment and selection of high-quality cosmetics, first of all, you should review your diet. For those who have already experienced rosacea, it is better not to drink red wine and strong alcoholic beverages. You will also have to give up spicy dishes and seasonings. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, greens, red fish, white meat are your best friends in the fight against the vascular network. Doctors also advise twice a year to take a course of venotonics and vitamins A, E, C, K, P.

Owners of dry, thin and sensitive skin are primarily at risk. An important role in the appearance of rosacea is also played by heredity and lifestyle. Improper diet, smoking and drinking alcohol also contribute to the appearance of a hated mesh on the face.

Under a strict ban

Fortunately, even those with thin, sensitive skin can avoid couperosis and rosacea, but you will have to reconsider your lifestyle. There are a number of factors that cause these unpleasant symptoms. First, there are sudden changes in temperature. Both heat and severe frost dilate the vessels on the face. Therefore, girls prone to the appearance of rosacea should be very careful to sunbathe. And in a windy, frosty winter, carefully select a protective cream.

Modern medicine offers many methods for effectively eliminating the vascular network and skin redness: phototherapy, laser and radio wave coagulation, mesotherapy, microcurrents. But innovative cosmetics work no worse than procedures, especially in the early stages. For example, the French manufacturer Uriage has developed a whole line of high-quality, highly effective products. Roseliane Based on thermal water from the Uriage spring. Cream, mask, cleansing emulsion, and thermal water not only prevent rosacea, but also effectively treat and eliminate spider veins and skin redness.

As you can see, rosacea is not a hindrance for those who want to have well-groomed, healthy and beautiful skin. Healthy nutrition, proper care and high-quality cosmetics are all that is needed for healthy and radiant skin. Let our tips help you become even more beautiful!


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