“I have cellulite and I admit it. But sometimes I just say to myself, «Fuck it, I’m going to wear a bikini anyway!»
Cindy Crawford

Everything seems to be said about cellulite. But show the heroine who managed to defeat the «orange peel» with one snap of her fingers! We tirelessly spend time, money and effort — all for the sake of smooth skin. It seems that we are ready to sell our souls to the devil, just not to see cellulite in our eyes. If you haven’t done it yet, we’ll show you how to defeat cellulite without sacrifice and loss. =) Just keep in mind — we only have an integrated approach!

Cellulite as punishment

There is an opinion that cellulite is merciless only to those women who are overweight. But skinny people know for sure that this is not so. Even the most slender girl is not immune from the «orange peel»! In medical terms, cellulite is not just an aesthetic problem, but a skin disease characterized by structural changes in fat cells. The main reasons for the appearance of «orange peel» are called hormonal disorders, malnutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.

What is dangerous «cellulite»? In addition to not very attractive appearance, «swollen» fat cells put pressure on the nerve endings and blood vessels, disrupting blood circulation. Thus, an advanced form of cellulite can provoke dangerous diseases — varicose veins and vein thrombosis. Regardless of the stage, cellulite can and should be treated. And you need to start working on yourself from the inside.

Boldly correct! We monitor nutrition

If you have ever watched Hollywood films, you have probably noticed how the heroines subtly, slowly and consciously chew each leaf of lettuce. And before work, they always do a jog along the oceanfront, in the park, or at worst — on a treadmill … Do you think these are the costs of the ethics and aesthetics of cinema? By no means! Proper, balanced nutrition, sports and a healthy lifestyle — this is where beauty and health begin.

If you have extra pounds, review your menu. But it should be noted that cellulite is not ordinary body fat, so you need to choose those products that can deal specifically with fat reserves, edema and fibrosis. Include in your diet anti-inflammatory proteins — red fish, turkey and chicken. Along with physical activity, they help strengthen muscles.
In addition, proteins strengthen and make the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels elastic. An anti-cellulite menu should also include vegetable oils high in omega-3s. Eat different types of nuts, and also use a tablespoon of canola, linseed or olive oil. Blue and red berries, dried cranberries, raisins, spinach, sugar-free pomegranate juice — all these products contain vitamins and antioxidants that maintain skin firmness and elasticity.

Don’t skip workouts

It is regular sports loads that tone muscles, reduce body fat and tighten the skin. If you want smooth, toned and elastic skin, do regular exercises for problem areas (thighs, buttocks, abs). Or sign up for yoga, Pilates or fitness. A pool will be a bonus for your beauty, youth and health. Swimming in cool water and water aerobics help the body burn even more calories. In addition, thanks to the water pressure, the skin receives an impeccable massage.

SPA without leaving home: peeling, body wraps, massage

LPG massage, sauna, wraps, roller massage, cryotherapy, mesotherapy — this is not the whole list of procedures offered by beauty salons. Although modern aesthetic medicine does not stand still, anti-cellulite programs cost a lot of money. Therefore, we offer to fight cellulite at home, using high-quality cosmetics.

For example, you can make one of the most pleasant and beneficial procedures for the skin — peeling, using a fragrant coffee-orange scrub. Joko BLend Coffee Bean Scrab Orange based on organic oils, clay and sea salt. The product, enriched with valuable oils of olive, macadamia, hazelnut and orange, not only deeply cleanses, but also restores the structure of the skin, making it supple and elastic. Atlantic salt and clay smooth the surface of the dermis, remove toxins and excess moisture, cleansing and toning the skin.

With the help of cleansing anti-cellulite products, wraps can also be done. It can be both a scrub and peeling, and a special mask. To do this, apply the product to problem areas and wrap them with cling film. After lie down under a warm blanket for 15-20 minutes and rinse with warm water. For such a healing procedure, use an anti-cellulite scrub-mask Caudalie Vinotherapie Crushed Cabernet Scrab based on grape extract, honey and a rich composition of essential oils. The tool improves microcirculation, normalizes metabolism, evens out the skin relief, restoring the turgor of the dermis and eliminating the manifestations of cellulite.

After cleansing masks and peels, the skin needs deep hydration and nourishment. Modern cosmetic brands offer products of various consistencies — gels, creams, lotions. We offer to try therapeutic anti-cellulite serum in ampoules Lierac Phytophyline Stubborn Cellulite Correction Serum. High in extracts of horsetail, ivy, cuff, algae and pineapple, it effectively eliminates «orange peel» by burning fat and smoothing skin texture.

After written

Evil tongues say that cellulite is a secondary sexual characteristic of a woman. Whatever it was, but 80% of women have skin problems. Even British scientists talk about it 🙂 Dear girls, even if you don’t have an «orange peel», know that the best method of defense is an attack. Proper nutrition, regular sports activities, high-quality cosmetics and the rejection of bad habits are 4 whales that keep flawlessly smooth, healthy skin. And say no to sweet soda, chips and crackers! But if you really want to — sometimes you can =)

With love and care, Avocado team!


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