August 3, 2016


Balm «Reskinol» is a highly effective combined remedy for the restoration of skin and soft tissues in case of wounds, burns, frostbite, inflammation and other injuries, as well as for hygienic skin care. The components that make up the balm have high regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cosmetic properties, which helps prevent pain shock, blood poisoning, intoxication, burn disease, restore skin without transplantation and scarring, and protect against infection.


balm is intended for external use for the care of all fresh lesions of the skin and mucous membranes.


any wounds, including severe, infected;

burns and frostbite 1, 2, 3 degrees of severity;

acute inflammatory and purulent processes;


diaper rash;

sprains and ruptures of ligaments, bruises, bruises;

animal bites;

insect bites;

barley treatment;

irritation on the skin, mucous membranes;

prevention of inflammatory processes;

dryness and cracked skin;

for moisturizing and normalizing skin nutrition.


Healing (regeneration):

— increased nutrition of cells and metabolism at the site of damage;

— activation of the biosynthesis of cellular elements and cell division processes;

— activation of primary recovery processes without inflammation.

Pain relief and anti-inflammatory action:

— inhibition of cyclooxygenase;

— inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis;

— limiting the release of proteolytic enzymes from cells;

– inhibition of the formation of free radicals and peroxides

— lipids in membranes.

Disinfection and purification:

— destruction of the structure of the cell wall;

— inhibition of protein synthesis in bacterial cells;

— rapid cleansing of wounds from the products of cell decay — toxins and microflora.



  • — contains only natural ingredients;
  • — does not contain chemicals, antibiotics and hormones;
  • — does not have a toxic effect;
  • — has a positive conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological examination.


  • — disinfects;
  • — anesthetizes;
  • – restores without the need for skin grafting;
  • — the problems are different — the solution is the same — the RESKINOL balm.


  • — the bandage does not dry to the wound;
  • — easy to use in any conditions, even extreme and unsanitary;
  • — convenient in storage;
  • — shelf life — 3 years.

highly efficient

  • — in case of burns — prevents the development of burn disease;
  • — in case of frostbite — the only drug in the world that restores the viability of frostbitten tissues without complications;
  • — with contaminated and festering wounds;
  • — bites of insects and animals;
  • — restores the skin, eliminating the need for skin grafting, leaving no rough scars;
  • — quickly relieves pain, preventing the development of pain shock.


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