«The best way to make a child good is to make him happy.»

Oscar Wilde

When a baby appears in the family, it seems that the whole planet is spinning around him. Of course, the newly-made mommy and daddy want the baby to grow up healthy and beautiful. And it largely depends on proper hygiene and care for the baby. How to properly care for the skin of a child? What means to give preference to avoid irritation and allergies? Let’s figure it out!

Softer than silk

Touching the delicate skin of a child, you can feel how thin and sensitive it is. Children’s skin, indeed, is several times thinner than the dermis of an adult. It is very difficult for it to withstand external influences, since it has almost no acidic protective layer. Temperature changes, poor-quality care products, artificial fibers of clothing, friction of a washcloth — all this can cause allergies, itching, prickly heat and even dermatitis in a child. To avoid these troubles, you should provide the crumbs with the safest possible care.

Bathing is fun

Most kids just love to swim! After all, warm water not only soothes and pacifies the kids, but also allows you to diversify the game. Babies should be bathed daily at the same time, preferably before feeding. The air temperature in the bathing room should be 22-24C. The optimum water temperature is 36-37C. In warm water, you need to add special baby products designed for baths. Since mothers most often wash their baby’s head while bathing, to simplify the procedure, you can use a universal bathing product from head to toe.

Try a hair and body shampoo «Mishkina malina» Bubchen Shampoo&Shower Himbarspab. The product with a soft natural formula is universal in that it is suitable for both hair care and body skin. The product contains aloe extract, which gently moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair. And wheat proteins soften curls, making them light and silky.

When washing your child’s hair, pay attention to the condition of the scalp. If you notice milk crusts, be sure to remove them. To do this, 2 hours before the evening bath, thickly lubricate the baby’s head with baby oil or a special product. When the crusts are soft, remove them with a comb. After that, wash your baby’s head with baby shampoo.

Changing diapers correctly

A diaper can be safely called a real salvation for both the baby and the mother. After all, the mountains of diapers have long been a thing of the past! But to ensure the comfort of the baby, you need to take care of the skin, because under the diaper it is especially prone to irritation and redness. It is important to remember that the diaper should be changed every 3-4 hours. Only at night this time can be extended to 8-10 hours.

Before putting on a new diaper, babies should be washed under warm running water using baby cream soap. But there are situations when it is not possible to wash the crumbs. In this case, stock up on cleansing wet wipes designed specifically for babies. For example, wet wipes «Gentle Care» Johnson’s Baby Wet Wipes Delicate Care do not contain alcohol, fragrances and parabens, so they are great for cleansing the delicate, sensitive skin of a child.

To avoid diaper rash and irritation, after cleansing the skin, it is necessary to apply a baby protective cream under the diaper. Use a protective moisturizer BABE Nappy Rash Cream. Enriched with panthenol, natural oils and plant extracts, it treats and prevents irritation and rashes after prolonged body contact with a diaper.

Nourish and soften baby’s skin

The delicate, sensitive skin of the crumbs often suffers from dryness and flaking. Therefore, it must be regularly moisturized and nourished. Light moisturizing creams are quickly absorbed, leaving no oily sheen, maintain the natural moisture of the skin. Moisturizing cream from Ukrainian brand White Mandarin Protective Baby Cream A must have in your baby’s makeup bag! Natural oils and plant extracts that make up the product intensively moisturize the skin, eliminate peeling and irritation.

And to nourish and protect the baby’s skin, use mineral oil, which creates a protective film on the skin, nourishing and softening it. Pamper your little one’s skin with aromatic oil Johnson’s Baby Oil Bedtime with a delicate scent of lavender. Pure mineral oil will not only soften and moisturize your baby’s skin, but also soothe the baby before bed. After a pleasant evening massage with oil, the baby will quickly relax and fall asleep.

We care about the protection of children’s skin

Not only adults, but also kids need to use sunscreen and protective equipment. Aggressive UV rays in summer, temperature changes, frost and snow in winter can cause irritation, peeling, itching, pigmentation and even atopic dermatitis in babies. To avoid all these troubles, before going out at any time of the year, use seasonal protective creams.
During the period of cold weather, a children’s cold face cream will become a universal remedy. Mustela Nourishing Cream With Cold Cream. A product based on shea butter and beeswax protects the child’s sensitive skin from bad weather, intensively moisturizing and nourishing the lower layers of the epidermis.

In general, when choosing baby cosmetics, pay attention to the composition, texture and smell of the product. Products intended for babies must necessarily pass dermatological control, be pH-neutral. They must be free of soap, SLS, parabens, harsh chemical dyes and fragrances. Be sure to test the product on a small area of ​​your child’s skin before use. If there are no allergic reactions and discomfort, the remedy can be safely used.

Dear moms, we know how hard it is sometimes for you! After all, the ability to create comfort for kids is a real art. We hope our simple tips will help your child grow up healthy and happy. Let caring for a child bring you only joy and peace!

With love and care, Avocado team


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