Eyes need protection — choose sunglasses

With the arrival of spring and the first warm rays of the sun, most of us think about sunglasses and put them on every time we go outside. Are they doing the right thing by constantly covering their eyes from the sun’s rays?

With the arrival of spring and the first warm rays of the sun, most of us think about sunglasses and put them on every time we go outside.

Are we doing the right thing by constantly covering our eyes from the sun’s rays?

The sun, as you know, emits ultraviolet rays that can damage the skin, and we protect it with creams and lotions. But not everyone knows that the eyes also need protection. If they are constantly under direct sunlight, it can lead to deterioration of vision, and even cause cataracts.

To protect your eyes from such troubles, you need to protect them from ultraviolet light. Sunglasses are perfect for this. But are they all as safe as the sellers claim?

Quality — first of all!

If you bought glasses in an underground passage or on a subway platform, you cannot be sure of their quality. After all, there is no guarantee for such sunglasses, and it is unlikely that you will be able to return them if you notice a defect or feel that the glasses do not provide the desired benefit.

But this is not the worst thing that can await you when you buy cheap, low-quality glasses. In addition to the fact that they do not protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, such glasses can harm you and cause vision impairment.

Follow some of the tips given here and you will protect your eyes from harmful effects

Choose glasses with dimming lens color. Orange, red, pink glasses do not protect against ultraviolet rays, and besides, they also have a bad effect on the eyes. When you wear glasses, the colors should not be distorted. It is best to choose glasses with dark colored lenses — they absorb more ultraviolet light. Brown or black lenses are best. Look carefully at the lenses themselves: they should be without scratches and perfectly equal.

No less important is material, from which the glasses are made. Plastic with an uneven surface is very harmful to the eyes, and glass is heavy and dangerous. If the glasses break, pieces of glass can damage your eyes. Now almost all lenses are made of plastic — it is light and safe. Tempered glass also does not lose its relevance and some manufacturers make glasses from this material, which still looks modern and attractive.

Do not forget to pay attention to the frame

When buying glasses, take a good look at the frames, bend them a little. Quality frame will return to its original form when you release it. You also need to look at the screws that fasten the parts of the glasses, they should hold firmly and not wobble and fall out.

When you wear glasses, they should not press on the bridge of the nose, but brackets should not stick in your head. Keep in mind that they will not change their shape and will constantly create discomfort.

Pay attention to the availability of data about the manufacturer and the level of protection

Their absence should make you wary of such products. This means that you cannot be sure of the quality of such glasses.

Remember, it is better not to wear glasses at all than to wear glasses that will harm your eyes. Buy sunglasses only in specialty stores or optical departments. By buying them in dubious places, you risk your eyesight!


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