1. Logo backpack

Fashion backpack with logo

Large or small brand logo is a simple yet trendy way to make a backpack more interesting. If you want to stand out as much as possible, look at models with several different emblems at once. In order not to overload the image, give up other types of decor on the backpack: belts, valves, perforations.

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2. Small nylon or textile backpack

Fashion backpacks - 2022 made of nylon or textile

A convenient replacement for a handbag is a small backpack that will fit all the necessary things like a smartphone and keys. Walking with it will be much more comfortable due to the adjustable shoulder straps and even distribution of the load on the back.

This season, not only the size is important, but also the material. Designers prefer nylon and textiles with a slightly glossy finish that shimmers in the sun. Colors can be any, but pastel and very saturated shades are especially popular.

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3. Canvas backpack

canvas backpack

The canvas backpack has a special textured surface. A slight roughness gives the product a vintage look and makes everyday accessories more original. If you want to be on trend, but you can’t find a suitable canvas backpack, consider models from rough textiles.

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4. Backpack of an unusual shape

Fashion backpacks - 2022 unusual shape

A voluminous and roomy elongated backpack is one of the brightest hits of the season. The most relevant are models of warm sandy shades made of smooth eco-leather, as well as products with inserts from other materials.

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5. Color block backpack

Trendy color block backpack

Material, shape, size are not particularly important in this case. The main thing is that the backpack consists of parts of different colors. The more contrasting the combination of patch pockets, straps and other elements with the bag itself, the better.

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6. Backpack with straps and chains

Fashionable backpacks - 2022 with belts and chains

Maximum embellishments in the form of chains, belts and fringes, paired with the muted color of the backpack itself, will create a truly fashionable, but at the same time discreet look. The model can be safely worn in any informal setting, whether it’s an ordinary walk or a romantic date, and always look appropriate.

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7. Backpack with flaps

Backpack with flaps

The most fashionable option is several pockets on the front of the backpack, covered with flaps. If you can’t find such a model, the one where there is only one valve is also suitable and is located on top, closing the main compartment. This trend is not only about beauty, but also about practicality: with such an addition, the contents of the backpack will be better protected.

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8. Versatile backpack

Versatile backpack

This backpack differs from the rest in spaciousness and practicality. In addition to the compartments inside, it has pockets on the outside and mesh compartments on the sides. With this accessory, you can go for a walk around the city, and a short business trip.

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