From which cucumbers can seeds be collected

There are varietal cucumbers, and there are hybrid ones (they are marked F1 or F2 on the package with seeds). From the first, you can safely collect planting material, but the latter are unsuitable for reproduction. To produce hybrids, growers cross two or more varieties to achieve the desired fruit quality. If you collect seeds from them, you will get completely different cucumbers that will differ from the “parent”. But this is the subtleties of selection. Therefore, try to remember which plants you have sown in your garden, and choose varietal ones.

For this reason, you should not propagate cucumbers bought on the market or in a store. Is it possible to take the seller’s word for it that his product is a variety, not a hybrid.

How to choose the right cucumbers

Find the most powerful, well-developed bushes in the garden with no signs of disease. On each plant, you can leave 1-2 fruits for ripening. Just choose cucumbers with the right shape for the variety. So that someone does not accidentally pluck them, you can tie a ribbon on the stalk. If the cucumbers are on the ground, they can rot, so place planks under them.

How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds: Choose the Right Fruit
The yellow or brown color of the cucumbers indicates the ripening of the seeds. Frame: Spring mood / YouTube

Do not rush to pick green cucumbers, even if they have grown to gigantic sizes. You need to wait for the seeds to ripen. This will signal the color of the fetus. As soon as it turns yellow or brown, harvest and start collecting seeds.

How to collect cucumber seeds

Wash the fruits and prepare a knife, teaspoon, cheesecloth or strainer.

Extract the seeds

How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds: Extract the Seeds
Frame: Elena Matveeva / YouTube

Cut the cucumber lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds from each half with a spoon and place them in a bowl. If you have several cucumbers of different varieties, you should have a separate container for each so as not to get confused and mix them up.

Wash the seeds

How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds: Rinse the Seeds
Frame: Elena Matveeva / YouTube

Place them in a sieve or cheesecloth and rinse thoroughly under running water. In the process, unnecessary pulp, debris and the slimy shell of the seeds will go away.

Dry the seeds

How to Harvest Cucumber Seeds: Dry the Seeds
Frame: Elena Matveeva / YouTube

Lay them out in a single layer on paper, newspaper, or a napkin. Leave the seeds for 5-7 days at room temperature and keep them out of direct sunlight. You can periodically turn them over with your finger for even drying.

How to store cucumber seeds

Put the cucumber seeds in a paper envelope or a bag made of natural fabric. At the same time, for each variety there should be a separate package on which you need to write the name and year of collection.

Store seeds in a dark dry and cool place. You can sow them within 3-4 years.